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Mcp certification

By markleebowman ·
I have looked on the internet and seen the average salary for mcp certified professional at 50k. Is this a realistic #? What would a mcp certified professional make with less than one-year experience? Would you have a hard time getting a job without much experience?

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An MCP Certification does help!!!

by Neil Hobbs In reply to Mcp certification


I am an MCP and I have been for just over 18 months. I would honestly say that gaining an MCP does help a lot when it comes to getting a job, but experience also plays a very big part!! I would say that a certification and experience is what is required today.

As I had quite a bit of trouble trying to get a job with experience, but I did, and now I have hands-on experience of the complete BackOffice suite. But you need to start somewhere, and a MCP is as good a place as any - got for it!!

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MCP Certification

by bulldogz In reply to Mcp certification

With an MCP cert and less than one years experince, I'd say you'd make about $9-$11 an hour to start. I know this may not sound like much to start but we all have to start somewhere. Once your experince grows, so will your salary. Try adding the A+ to your certs, that might increase your wage a little.

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Inflated salary surveys

by jbuchberger In reply to Mcp certification

Inflated salary surveys listing $50K for someone with an MCP and little experience are a disgrace to the whole industry.

Training companies pitching overpriced courses with the promise of a high paying gravy job upon graduation are the only ones spreading this nonsense and I winder how these people sleep at night.

The truth is, a MCP is just a test to study for and pass. If you can focus and study hard for a month or so you can pass any one of the MCP tests even without ever touching a computer. It makes a nice line item on the resume, and that might get you a foot in the door for an entry level position but expect the pay to be $10-15/hour until you have worked your way up.

Of course it all depends on what else you bring to the table and your mileage may vary but please don't buy into the bloated salary surveys printed on the websites or spouted by the certification mills or you will be disappointed.

Joe Buchberger

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