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By saint1607 ·
I am a LAN Admin with 0 certifications and all home-grown knowledge and experience and I want to move on and up so I was thinking MCSE but I heard about the MCSA which is more up my assy of an Administrator in the company rather then a tech, any down falls of having that w/ a Net+ Cert?

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by marshoot In reply to MCSA??

If you look at the requirments for MCSA you will see that you can use NET + or A + as one of the four requirments. that way you will have two cert in stead of just the one MCSA

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by Jza In reply to MCSA??

Downfalls to having Net+ w/ MCSA? Nope.

Here's what I honestly think...

You obviously have an urge to gain more knowledge and experience, that's very cool. If that's the case, the study for whatever it is you LIKE (MCSA, MCSE, Net+, etc) and worry not about titles -- just try to learn as much as you can. As long as you gain experience and can demonstrate proficiency in what you do to your employer, then chances are good that you'll get & stay in whatever job you seek. Am I saying stay away from certifications? Not at all... they're good to help get your foot in the door and land you an interview.

For example, I was working as a network tech for a large company before I quit. Back then, I had little experience and no certifications. That was a year ago. Now I've got an alphabet soup of certifications after my name, EXPERIENCE & a new job as a network administrator. Did my certifications and degree help me land the job? To a degree, yes. But it was ultimately me who marketed myself to the hiring manager and made him realize that he needed someone like me onboard.

Lastly, when you get an administrator job you will find that your responsibilities won't be that of an MCSA. Chances are you'll be doing some design &implementation... more the stuff of an MCSE. If its a smaller environment, you'll be wearing more hats and possibly be doing more things outside the scope of either! So why not just shoot for the top? You can get your MCSA on the way to your MCSEso my advice is go for the gold.

Best of luck,

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by spam In reply to MCSA??

MCSA - Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.
Pass the four core tests and you are an MCSA.

Unless you want to get into Active Directory design et. MCSA is good enough, however, MCSE is required by some companies and may be worth it since itis only three more tests.

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Certs are Good...

by ghstinshll In reply to MCSA??

Start with the building blocks of Net+, A+, and then go to Pro, MCSA, etc... you're there, so keep building them up!

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by saknbad In reply to MCSA??

sir, tell me what is difference between MCSA and
MCSE. it is both are same or big difference. and tell me which one I should do.
syed khalid

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Want MCSE 99.99% Guaranteed!

by james In reply to MCSA??

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