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    by geoffdougan ·

    Hi there can any one tell me the best route to go to get certified.
    Has anyone heard off smartcertify or TQ training

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      Piece Of string

      by lumberjack ·

      In reply to MCSE

      Best Route – there is a toughy

      a lot will depend on how much time and expense you want to go to.

      there are a number of home study courses available – lots from your local (decent) bookshop
      Uk prices range from ?25 to ?200 depending on course and depth required, Exams I seem to recall is around the ?75 mark. I am sure wherever you are based will have something along the same lines.
      These require commitment and self management from yourself, but less financial outlay. The time will be up to you and how much time you wish to devote.

      I have come across assisted training – mainly advertised on TV, that provides course material, help if required, and they arrange exams – though not sure on cost. Sorry dont know much about this one – but it is one I will be looking into more shortly.

      Other option – attend MS recognised 1 week courses towards your MCPs/MCSE. very costly!

      Final option which may be available – Boot Camps
      3-4 week intensive course (some include accomodation)with exams during and at end – Some will even guarantee passes at end! Here they are in the region of ?4000 or more. It press and Internet have details

      Will be intereested in your decision and how you get on – perhaps support each other!

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      How I did it

      by rknrlkid ·

      In reply to MCSE

      First, realize that no ONE source will cover you for the exams. You will need several sources.

      I am MCSA in Windows 2000, and MCP in WIndows 98. I took in-class training in Windows 2000 Pro and Server, and bought the SmartCertify course for Windows 2000 MCSE. I also bought all the Exam Prep Windows 2000 Books, and one “In a Nutshell” book.

      Why did I do all that? Because I relied on the Microsoft Courseware stuff for the Windows 98 exam, and flunked it the first time. The MS books were not useless, but they were not thorough enough either. I ended up purchasing several other books too which covered the areas not in the MS Courseware.

      (And yes, I passed all Windows 2000 exams (I did all Microsoft on all 4 exams) the first time.)

      I also recommend getting some practice tests too. I bought the Trancender for Windows 98, and it was well worth the money. The Trancender definitely helped me passed the test. Half of passing one of these exams is being able to navigate the interface. Trancender is like 95% exactly like the real test in look and feel.

      If you want any advice, feel free to contact me. I cant reveal the test, but there are techniques for studying.

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      MCSE advice

      by derekarcher ·

      In reply to MCSE

      Geoff, I am using Smartcertify along with the Sybex series of books. I find that the Smartcertify resources (I’m using the online learning) go into more detail, but are quite time consuming. The Sybex books are not as detailed, but have more practical excercises and are orientated towards the exam objectives. Books are always a cheaper option and a good place to start. Make sure you can do the practical excercises and test yourself often. If you don’t have a spare PC, buy an older second hand machine that meets the requirements and get stuck into it. Good luck!

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      Its Not as Hard as it Seems..

      by mattaall ·

      In reply to MCSE

      Personaly i think that it depends on the individual person, because i purchased a home study book and CD-rom for the MCSE certification, i wanted this certification, so i payed close attention to the training and did very well on all my MCSE tests. The point of this, is if you want to get this certification without paying alot of money and your a focused person just buy yourself a book and take the test. GOOD LUCK

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      by john.chilson ·

      In reply to MCSE

      I bought a few of the MCSE books and find that they contain so much information. I start reading and then get overwhelmed and quit. Is there a better way to go through it other than page 1 to page 1000??


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        Home study

        by don_c ·

        In reply to Overwhelming

        I bought the Sybex books but I also have built a small network at home for experience and I have friends in the IT world that will help me when I need some advice. There is alot of good people here on TR that will lend a hand and the thing is not to get discourage. If you get overwhelmed by a few thousand pages then your going to have tough time passing the tests. Also books are not enough you want to be able to what the cert saids you can do most people can study books then pass a test but six months later they forgoten it. Build a network and and your studies will be more interesting. GOOD LUCK

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