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By chris ·
I'm curious to know how much it usually costs to take the MCSE and the CCNA certs. Also I saw the previous thread about the bootcamps, and most people look down on them, but if you dont have any experience with routers and you want to get your CCNA, it sounds as if it would be extremely difficult without hands on experience to back you up. I figured if I took the bootcamp for the MCSE/MCSA/CCNA at than they'd give me the hands on experience I would need to pass the certs. Also if anybody could recommend some book or where I could go to take practice exams that would be much appreciated.


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For both...

by house In reply to MCSE and CCNA

I'd be looking at about $1,500 Canadian to go through the certs. Check Prometric's website for current rates on all certification that they offer. Keep in mind that although they are leaders in the field, rates will vary among testing centres; it is an independent industry. I only use Prometric because they are local. There is only one other in town, CDI, but they don't offer as many exam options.

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In School at CTI right now

by sledriver In reply to For both...

I am currently in school taking a Network and Security course at Computer Technology Institute. It's an 8 month course that covers all the topics required to get your A+, MSCA, MSCE certs, and modules on Cisco, and Linux o/s. The course fee also covers exam vouchures for the certs.
It would have cost me $12000+ cdn to attend, but fortunatly, the government is helping me out.

There's a lot of reading to be done, so so far I've only been able to get my A+ hardware cert. The rest I'll get after the course is over and I can concentrate on each individual exam.

I take my exams at Trios as they are a Prometric site.

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by house In reply to In School at CTI right n ...

I paid 12,000 tuition and 1,000 books a few years back. I already knew quite a bit, but it really helped me to fill in the holes. Awsome courses but expensive as ****.

It could be worse though... it is about 2,000 per module if you went to a "real" microsoft training seminar, as opposed to an authorized training centre. It's funny because you'll learn more, work at a more moderate pace, and pay less in the long run if you elect to go through a training centre. If you want to learn a lot reaally fast... pay your 1500 to 2500 and attend a 1 - 2 week MS seminar.

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by Salamander In reply to MCSE and CCNA

For the CCNA, I'd recommend checking out your local Cisco Neworking Academy at a nearby community college. It took me about nine months, at a cost of around $2,500 for the CCNA curriculum. If you have no previous experience with routers, I would strongly recommend that you check out something like this to give you some sustained exposure to it. These classes are often offered at night, so they aren't likely to disrupt your work schedule.

Good luck.

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I agree with Salamander

by seanc In reply to MCSE and CCNA

Hi Chris,

The CCNA 640-801 exam is not to be taken lightly.
Cisco has made it more rigourous than before. There are simulations as well as multiple choice etc.. You will NOT be able to pass this exam without sustained hands-on experience with routers and switches. Fortunately, I have a good friend who lent me some routers and switches to add to my home Network.

As a cost effective alternative, check theses out:

I got some advice from a DUAL CCIE who writes the Cisco press books. He said to get the books and read through them until you understand every topic thoroughly and practice until it becomes second nature. Boot camps are for people who have the skills and experience but want to nail down the exam.

Basically, you must find some way of getting access to equipment. This can be online or at a college.

As for the MCSE, you should have no problems if you apply the same method. You can pass the exams by just using the books but this will not benefit you when faced with realworld problems.

I would like to say that you are going the right way about your goals. You seem like a rational person clever enough to ask the right questions and listen.

I know that you will achieve your goals :)

Good luck on your journey !!!!!!!!!!!!

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