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MCSE Boot Camp - Suggestions

By HeavyWater ·
I have 5 grand that my company is giving me for certification. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a boot camp that has a high pass/guarantee rate. I found a couple and so far, only came across one that comes in at 5 to include room/transportation to the site. but as far as their policy on a failed exam is kinda sketchy although supposedly, they have a 94% pass rate. I was looking for someplace that possibly has actually certed from that can recommend thier training/staff...Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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by seanm In reply to MCSE Boot Camp - Suggesti ...

Take alook into learnkey. This is a home training program that will allow you to track your status on the internet. Its not all the expensive compared to schools that is giving the same information. is the web page.

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by HeavyWater In reply to learnkey

Thanks for the reply. I looked into it but I'm looking for something more reassuring. I looked at the guarantee policy and it basically offers you a money back or replace the product. I got an ad in the mail...forgot who it's from but they guarantee you will pass or they will pay for any retakes. It's a CBT as well.

Thanks for the info.


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Be Warned

by ghstinshll In reply to

Be aware that the majority of reasons for not passing exam is because YOU didn't prepare wel enough for the test on your own. Any school can giv eyou information, but what are you doing on your own to add to that benefit and make sure that you trulyknow the information? This is the kep to passing the tests, not which one gives you the most assurance.

If you must use a school, find one that guarantees a pass, or at least allows you to re-take it, and find it locally... no travel for these kinds of things.

Jason Williamson

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Why a boot camp?

by LordInfidel In reply to MCSE Boot Camp - Suggesti ...

If your company is giving you 5 grand towards your cert then,

1- Get the books yourself (I reccomend MSPress books and the MSPresss Readiness reviews and Coriolis Exam Preps)

2- Study on your own!, If you need to go to a boot camp to learn theinfo then you should'nt be taking the exams anyways..... There is nothing that a boot camp can teach you that you can't learn on your own, except of course the answers.

3- Register for the exams your-self- They are only a 100 a piece and do not need to be taken all at once. You can take one at a time, and take them when you are ready.

4- Study 1 area at a time. If you are studying for 2kPro, then only study 2kPro. Then take the exam.

Until you get to your higher level certs (like the ccie or cissp) then boot camps are just meat grinders for certs and bring down the value of the certs by churning out people who will never be able to tell the difference between tcp and ip.

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I completely agree with the meat grind

by ghstinshll In reply to Why a boot camp?

very true! take this to heart with my response.

Jason Williamson

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by employee #101256 In reply to MCSE Boot Camp - Suggesti ...

I took some Cisco classes there and talked to others who took the MCSE program, i went to india but they now have school in UK and US

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Boot Camp

by Rabbit_Runner In reply to MCSE Boot Camp - Suggesti ...

I recently attended a boot camp. It was hosted by Intense School. The going price is $7000. However, this is outside your amount, but I would highly, highly recommend it. The ability to pass will depend on your skill to assimilate the informationpresented by the instructor. Note that there is a big, big difference between a Boot Camp and taking MCSE courses at a school. The MCSE courses are geared to knowing and understanding the information. The Boot Camps are geared to passing the tests. Which is your preference. If you simply want the info, then attend a local school. If your goal is to get the CERTS, then attend a Boot Camp. In my examination of which Boot Camp to attend, I found that the Intense School is one of the best. some of the others were mainly interested in getting your money. Intense School is aimed at passing the tests.

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Boot Camp 2

by Rabbit_Runner In reply to MCSE Boot Camp - Suggesti ...

Some other things to consider, What type of a learner are you? Some folks can read a book and retain all they read. Others are people who learn by hearing. Boot Camps remove a lot of the distractions you will have, compared to studying on your own. Also how fast do you want to get the CERTS? If you study on your own, it will be weeks, and perhaps months before you can get the certification. With a Boot Camp, it is all there, information, instructor, exams, etc. Everything needed for passing the exams. The choice is really up to you.
How do you learn?
How much time do you have to spend in training?
What is your goal?
What type of finances do you have?

One more thing. Most Boot Camps offer loans and tuition helps towards their school. Since you have 5000, can you find other sources for any additional amount?

For me, the best move was Boot Camp. For others, it may be something else. Just check out the options and goals that you have set for yourself.

Best of luck.

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Wave Technologies.

by TC(UK) In reply to MCSE Boot Camp - Suggesti ...

If your prepared to pay a significant fee and do a lot of background study a ?boot camp? style course may provide an alternative to normal classroom type course. Having attended one run by Wave in the UK I must state that the secret to passing the chosen exam(s) is the amount of work carried out before attending the course. Do not expect question and answer type interaction as there may not be the time. In my case from a class of 10 only 2 students passed both the target exams at the end of theweek session.

Hope that helps,

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Hmmm Boot Camps

by thewulfe In reply to MCSE Boot Camp - Suggesti ...

I think you should really question yourself on why you want your certifications. As an instructor of "boot camps", daytime and evening courses I have realized that anyone can memorize and obtain certifications. This fact has depreciated the value ofthe MCSE.

If you want to learn the product then spend time reading and using the product. No boot camp will give you the confidence you will need to acheive success supporting and administering the products you will certify in.

If all you wantis to jump on the MCSE bandwagon then order some practice tests and look at the braindumps and memorize them.

I have seen many people with MCSE's fail in jobs because they have wanted quick returns without working for it.

Just my two cents =)

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