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    MCSE Boot Camps


    by menace65 ·

    My question is how good are MCSE boot camps, and who does the best in them? I guess they do the training and testing simultaneously, but it seems to me that you’d need to have some pretty good experience to back up the training in order to do well on the tests. Has anyone had experience with these boot camps? Thanks.

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      I’ve attended two of the camps

      by notsochiguy ·

      In reply to MCSE Boot Camps

      Once, way back for NT4, and once for Win2K3.

      I had the experience on both platforms, so I wasn’t looking for a shortcut. I went primarily to get a dump on how ‘MSFT saw things’; since real-world problem solving and MSFT problem solving tend to be two quite divergent paths (more so on NT4 exams than on Win2K3…but still). There are also some language tricks you need to get around (questions tend to be written in a clunky manner, in my opinion).

      That said, I was surprised (both times) that most of my ‘classmates’ had little to no working knowledge of the platforms. At first, I thought to myself ‘surely, they’ll bomb in the tests’.


      The ‘practice tests’ so closely mirror the real tests, the only skill you need to have to pass is short-term memorization. For example, this “If Charlie had 5 bucks, and Susan had 2 bucks, how many $1 glasses of lemonade could they buy?” in the practice test prepares you for “If Charlie had 2 bucks, and Susan had 7 bucks, how many $1 glasses of lemonade could they buy?” on the real test.

      Without naming names (never know in today’s society), I will say that one of the training centers opened up new horizons for the participants, and the other allowed students to use their global knowledge base to effectively gain employment opportunities.

      Would I do it again??? Honestly, it would depend. If an employer required certification, and was going to pay…sure, why not. Of my own volition…probably not.

      Whatever you decide, for the sake of your career, make sure you have solid knowledge of the platforms, regardless of any certifications or training. Nothing says ‘exit interview’ quicker than starting a new job as the ballyhooed hire with all the certs, only to get railroaded by a fairly routine problem within your first few weeks on the job (I’ve seen it happen numerous times).

      Best of luck!

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      For what some of them cost,

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to MCSE Boot Camps

      you afford several test prep books, the hardware, AND the software to practice on.

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      Well given they say things like

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to MCSE Boot Camps

      Guaranteed pass.
      Some a guaranteed job.
      You too can get a job the pays XXXXXXX

      And quick..

      Short cuts lead to long delays.

      If you go in pretty much knowing your stuff, but want to know how to pass, fair enough, though personally I think you’d be better off going alone.

      If you are going in fairly ignorant. Then not only are you going to get found out. You de-value the very qualification that is apparently so valued…..

      Never been to one, never will. If the priamry appeal is to greed, then the people offering it are judging you by their own weaknesses.

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