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MCSE Certification

By ChrisMS ·
I have a question concerning MCSE.

I know it is the "ultimate" certificate to have in the IT world, but is it worth a 33 year old male spending ?3000.00 cash and however long it takes to study for this certificate. I do have a certification in networking, although it is based more on setting up a network, not administering one, as MCSE is.

The reason I ask is because all the employers around here ask for MCSE certification, but pay low, obviously aiming at school/college leavers. I am concerned that I will spend all the money, put in the effort and still get no where.

Should I not bother and get what employment I can, or put in the effort?

Your comments appreciated.

Chris :-)

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Hey Chris

by LordInfidel In reply to MCSE Certification
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No Substitute

by T^2 In reply to MCSE Certification

I went the school/work experience route. I have been in the business for 7 years now and find that there is no substitute for hands on experience. Up to 2 years experience you will probably get nervous on products you've never seen before. Some techs never get past that block. Time and attitude my friend. I was 35 when I started.

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MCSE Certification

by jfoloroso In reply to MCSE Certification

Hi there,
Certification is good Sir. As an IT person it gives value for your career. If you want to get more paid and be hired in a company that is requiring you to be a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, go for it and dont think twice. Just let the company pay for the expenses of the certification. All you need to do is to self study and search for a free ebook for the certifications. :-) Good luck.

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Worth Every Pennie

by Wizard-09 In reply to MCSE Certification

Go for it, i have the MCSE Cert, it's very hard work 2 years it took for me to get it think i could have done it in less time if i was not working in I.T at the time.

With this cert 20 + a year at 24 that in't bad work at all so go for it you will get paid the right money for your skills at the right company.

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