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MCSE/MCSA 2000 or 2003 track?

By marym ·
I presently hold MCP passing 70-210, and A+. Presently studying 70-215. Should I switch gears and move toward 2003 track? Will the 2000 track expire?

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by timwalsh In reply to MCSE/MCSA 2000 or 2003 tr ...

Microsoft has reversed itself from an earlier decision. They no longer plan (at least for now) to decertify MCSEs from earlier operating systems.

Microsft's original plan was to decertify NT4 MCSEs. But after the clamor, they realized that there is still a large user base of NT4 out there and NT4 MCSE skills are still valid and needed. Having said that, they still expired the exams so that it is no longer possible to acquire the NT4 MCSE certification.

The Win2K MCSE tests are unlikelyto expire anytime soon. The Win2K Certification (like the NT4 one) is unlikely to expire.

My recommendation would be to stick to the Win2K track. That is where the user base is right now. If you see a need, you can always go back later and take the Win2003 specific courses to get the 2003 MCSE also.

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by marym In reply to Certs

thanks for your help

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Stick with 2000 for the moment

by sobek In reply to MCSE/MCSA 2000 or 2003 tr ...

Personally I would stick with 2000 track. Unless you are an IT consultant or very early adopter of 2003 stick with 2000. You can then upgrade to 2003 by doing 2 extra exams for the 2003 Mcse track. Check out the Microsoft exam site
Also I would'nt bother doing MCSA. (Cost of an extra exam as you work towards MCSE)
As for the 2000 track expiring I'd say you've got a couple of years and it gives you good grounding for 2003 exams(ie Active Directory etc)

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appreciate it

by marym In reply to Stick with 2000 for the m ...

thanks for your comments

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by ghstinshll In reply to MCSE/MCSA 2000 or 2003 tr ...

just take the 2000 MCSA, then take the 1 exam requirement to update that to 2003 once you're done, and pursue the MCSE in 2003, only if you see it necessary for your career path and where you want to be.

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by marym In reply to 2000

thanks for your insight

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Have you considered Novell?

by Jim Phelps In reply to MCSE/MCSA 2000 or 2003 tr ...

Have you considered Novell? (Just kidding!)

Actually, I started working on my present job in March of 2003. Up until that time, I have worked entirely in a Novell Networking environment.

I find that Microsoft is not that hard to catch on to,but there are differences.

I still prefer Novell.

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Ah sweet novell.

by madroxxx In reply to Have you considered Novel ...

How I miss thee.

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