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MCSE needs to learn UNIX

By tekmb ·
I became unemployed about a month ago and know most of what microsoft networking there is,Proxy, SMS, IIS, NT, W2k etc. With that said, I can't find a job. Nowdays Employers seem to want a NT/Win2000/UNIX/AS400/C++/VB/Novell expert all for the lowprice of 45000. Well its not THAT bad....they actually pay a bit more.

I need to Learn UNIX! Any suggestions? I see the tapes 2 hours each and run 400-1500 dollars I see CBT's for 1500+ dollars. I would LOVE to be hired at a company that wouldtake me in for my current expertise, and teach me UNIX but that seems as likely as me hitting the lottery.

Thanks for the advice!

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UNIX classes... CCSN.

by shadow7_85 In reply to MCSE needs to learn UNIX

Just curious, but, how old are you and how much hands-on experience do you have?
Looking at your e-mail address, I assume you live in Las Vegas also.
First of all, to answer your question...
At the Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN) you can take both a beginner's & advanced class in UNIX.
Hmmm... I guess the rest of my responsive novel you can read in your e-mail. :-)

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by tekmb In reply to UNIX classes... CCSN.

Thanks for the response. The answer to your question is i'm 39 with 6 years exp. I recieved my Mcse in 97. Which in a round about way is why its hard to get a job. I was getting payed 60k Not a tremendous income but as you know being in Vegas it WAS tremendous for here.

Now when I go to a interview I get shot down immediately because they see what I was making and they know they don't have to pay near that in this market and I guess they feel I wouldnt be happy with less. This is why I felt the need to add to my knowledge base. But paying the bills would be kinda nice!

Anyway thanks for the input, I guess the problem is I didnt want to take a basic course that takes 6/9 months to finish!

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Price creep and age

by generalist In reply to experience

Sounds like you've been hit by what I consider to be the price creep problem. The more you make, the harder it is to find a job, especially when an employer can find a less experienced person for less money.

It is an interesting balancing act that tends to throw people at some point. Employers have an almost religious belief that people won't accept less pay unless there is a major change in quality of life issues. They appear to assume that everybody MUST make more than their previous job, otherwise they will leave at the first sign of a better offer.

This ignores the fact that there are lots of people who would take a little less money in order to have a job as opposed to being unemployed. And it totally ignores the loyalty an employer could gain by taking a chance on someone who wants to work but has been caught by price creep.

You might also be on the edge of an age problem too. But price creep is often connected to age, especially with long term professionals.

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