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MCSE - On the job knowledge

By SysEngineer ·

I am currently pursuing my MCSE 2003 and I am about 1/2 way there. I am wondering what I am expected to know when I actually get a job utilizing this certification along with my college degree. Are you hired because of your all around basic knowledge?. I have had friends that had almost no computer experience, have gotten their MCSE's and got a job with it. I really think its sort of impossible to know everything about everything (troubleshooting, error messages). I am just wondering, to all you MCSE's out there, what was basically expected of you when you were hired. Any and all answers are greatly appreciated...!

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Depends on the job...

by gralfus In reply to MCSE - On the job knowled ...

and it depends on who is hiring. Some HR departments only look for the MCSE because they know the acronym. They have no clue what it means, but they are in charge of sorting applicants. And these days there are thousands of applicants per IT job.

Being a legitimate MCSE (without the use of braindumps) means you have a good knowledge of MS operating systems. Good IT departments will test you on practical knowledge, not just theory, so having real knowledge will pay off there. If they let HR do the hiring, then you can get by with just the cert, at least to begin with. I know MCSEs who don't know squat about dealing with real computer problems. One was my substitute teacher in college.

The other part that good companies look for is attitude. Will you get along with the other staff and fit in, or will you be a prima donna, freaky geek, or other oddity? Techies tend to be loners and not work well with people, but you will do well to learn people skills if you want to go very far.

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What about Home Cert

by Don_C In reply to Depends on the job...

I have been studying for my MCSE at home I even bulit a small network to do my studies on. How do company's feel about home Cert's and also carrer changing at the same time do they frown on them or deos it matter as is long as they have the knowledge and have the desire

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don't tell

by qb4006 In reply to What about Home Cert

you don't have to tell anyone how you studied for your MCSE and most companies won't ask how you studied

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Every place is different

by TomSal In reply to MCSE - On the job knowled ...

Simply stated every workplace is different, therefore every employer and his/her related management team is different and will have different ideas of what you "should" be to the company and what you need to know.

In my case I was working at my job, as systems admin, for about 4 years BEFORE I got my MCSE.

I think in general though -- you'll be expected to know windows networking and the related in's and out's of it. Here we are still largely NT4 so I don't have to deal with Active Directory yet, but the chance is high you'll need to know Active Directory really well, how do you add/remove user accounts of course, can you set up DNS servers, what do you know about troubleshooting failed network connections, are you at all familiar with RAS/VPN/RADIUS technology and how to setup/configure each?

MCSE is basically just Microsoft's Network certification.

Personally, and to be bluntly honest -- I didn't really learn all that much new stuff through my MCSE courses and tests. I kind of regret spending the effort and time to get it now - looking back 4 years ago when I took it.

I'm wayyyyy more interested in Cisco certs now, and I'm finding the quality of the material and the value of the education is leaps over what Microsoft courses taught me.

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by jsfald In reply to Every place is different

TomSal, What was you experience before you became a System Admin? Just curious.

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by rr-travis In reply to MCSE - On the job knowled ...

When your interviewing for the position you should be able to find out what specific job duties you'll be performing.

One of the biggest helps for me was books written on Network Administration. Many times they detail the experiences of the authors and give "best practices" for running the site.

hope this helps and good luck

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Paper MSCSE's

by pgm554 In reply to MCSE - On the job knowled ...

There are "brain dumps" on the web and books that train you for the questions on the test.
You can pass the tests without having fixed or installed ANYTHING.
It is a marketing ploy and moneymaking machine used by corporations to pad the bank account.

The tests need to be a combination of practicum and academic. Cisco does this.

How should they test?

You are given a specific business scenario to set up a network in a lab. You are given so much time to design, implement and configure using the tools given to you.

You should be graded on how well your design works and how it fits in with the business model you set it up for.

The second test should be trouble shooting a broken network.You is given a "broken" network. How fast can you fix it?

The third test would be academic.

I would grade as follows:

1.45% of grade- Installation and design
2.45% of grade-Troubleshooting
3.10% of grade-Academic

Unfortunately ,most of the test is academic "what if's" bullsh*t that is akin to measuring real skill as using shine on the bumper of a car to measure how well it will work in an accident.

Not much, if any, correlation.

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Network Administrator with NO CERTS

by kphillips In reply to MCSE - On the job knowled ...

I have been the network adminstrator for our three companies, employing around 300 employees, for almost 6 yrs. now. I have no certs of any kind, but I got one thing you dont get in school... plenty of hand on experience. 1st of all, let me tell you, my father was a pc technician with a degree in Computer Science. I helped him alot as a kid. I had no intentions of becoming a geek. But that is exactly what I am now. And I am proud of it. I build pc's in my spare time at home, I install, uninstall, repair, replace, what ever it takes, all the time. It is really easy to me. I love troubleshooting and that is really what I live for. I specialize in operating systems,I am mastered at MS OFFICE 2003, and I run cables, configure all workstations for new users, administer MS Exchange 5.5., and MANAGE THE USER MANAGER FOR DOMAINS, ON MS NT4.0. I LOVE THE NETWORK ENVIRONMENT...and I also run the company help desk for any computer problems...I administer Norton Antivirus Corporate Console, and Quarantine for all users. I Do EVERYTHING...sOUND PRETTY IMPRESSIVE IF I MUST SAY SO MYSELF...
SO, WHY DO I NEED TO GET CERTIFIED...MY RESUME SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. My problem is the company I work for dont pay crap. For example, One day, when I first became the inhouse IT person, a coworker's power supply went out. I replaced it, and had her back working in 30 minutes, ( I had to go purchase the new power supply). Then one other day, I was off, the Out-house IT company came and picked up another co-worker's pc, for the same problem, and they kept it a week...THAT IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! well.....THAT RIGHT THERE SHOULD HAVE SENT THEM A SIGNAL...THEY ARE STUPID.

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