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MCSE or CCNA, What is better.

By boardin4life85 ·
Hi, I am going to be graduating from college this year with a degree in Computer Information Systems and I am looking into studying for either the MCSE or the CCNA. But I am wondering which certification would be the most beneficial or marketable to me as I will be looking for a job. If you have any suggestions or ideas, I would appreciate your input. Thanks.


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neither one

by CG IT In reply to MCSE or CCNA, What is bet ...

Microsoft is changing their certification tracks and retiring the MCSTS/MCSA/MCSE certifications next year.

Cisco Certified Network Associate is Cisco's entry level certification. CCNP or CCIE are in far greater demand.

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What is Microsoft doing

by boardin4life85 In reply to neither one

So if Microsoft is retiring its certifications next year, what new certifications are they going to or what will they be doing then? Would it not be good then to get the MCSE now, and upgrade to the new certs after next year? Thanks for your input.

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Go here, read the material

by CG IT In reply to What is Microsoft doing
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It depends on what you are looking for....

by Alpha-Male In reply to MCSE or CCNA, What is bet ...

They are different certifications for different tasks.

If you plan on supporting workstations and servers, the MCSE is better. If you plan on being more involved in LAN/WAN networking, then start with the CCNA.

One thing to note, the MCSE is seven tests, the CCNA just one. There are of course higher level Cisco certs - CCNP and CCIE for example.

I would say the MCSE has more "universal" application, but if you want to pursue networking or security, I'd definitely look into the CCNA. Perhaps a good path would be to start with an MCSA, then pick up the CCNA then complete the MCSE.

Just a thought. Good luck to you!

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partially correct

by sigipitalagato In reply to It depends on what you ar ...

on the # of exams, yes MCSE will kill you as it has 7 exams even if you self study and buy cheap books while CCNA only has 1 (or 2 i think).

on your role in your company, it depends, i have design background. i design LANs/WANs so i can take either or both MCSE and CCNA. bottomline is most likely, people use their certs in job hunting and the difference in having MCSE is it is more flexible (network hardware/software) while having a CCNA will send you to the hardware part of networking with positions like Network Engineer, etc etc. for MCSE, you can be a System Administrator and/or a Network Engineer.

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Cisco retired the one exam CCNA track last year

by SKDTech In reply to partially correct

Now it is two exams to get the CCNA with option for one of three CCNA specializations.

Other than that I would say that the MCSE while having a higher cost and investment of study and test time will likely be the more flexible of the two certs.

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What do you want to do?

by jmgarvin In reply to MCSE or CCNA, What is bet ...

If you want to be a sys admin get the MCSE or if you want to be a net admin get the CCNA.

Good luck.

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As others said...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to MCSE or CCNA, What is bet ...

it all depends on what you want to do. But you must also consider what your chances are at doing that right now. I personally believe both are good to have so you can be flexible in your career as far as certs go. A lot of companies want both, but you may never touch a router there.

In my case, I wanted to be a LAN/WAN Engineer. In my area, there are not that many people employing that type of position, even though we have a ISP main office with 200 techs. They have a very low turnover, this is why I can't get in the door. Alas, I had to settle for a Sys Admin position.

Don't get me wrong, I love it. It is challenging and I do have 2 routers to maintain. But what i wanted to do was not available when I wanted it. Luckily, I got MCSE, CCNA, A+, and an MCP for XP. I started with the CCNA and did the MCP right after. The MCP applied to the MCSE. Now I am working on Linux. Anyone have any preferences over RedHat cert or Linux+?

Sorry for the long winded response. You just need to think more about what you want. It is really what is available. But you should get both in my opinion.

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by eM DuBYaH In reply to MCSE or CCNA, What is bet ...

I see a lot more job postings looking for people with a CCNA than MCSE.

As a former IT instructor, I have seen freshly certified CCNA's get jobs a lot faster than MCSE's. Make more money too, not to mention it takes 7 exams to attain an MCSE and only 1 for a CCNA. From what I have seen, at least in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC, CCNA is the cert you want to get.

After I get my Certified Ethical Hacker cert, I'm going after my CCNA.

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CCNA Needs renewing

by shady108 In reply to MCSE or CCNA, What is bet ...

the CCNa qualification needs renewing every few years where as the MCSE is good for alot longer, u need only a few top up exams to keep your MCSE current.

In my opinion MCSE is better simply because microsoft software is widely used amongst businesses more so than cisco equipment.

heres an idea..

why not do both? :)

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