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By boardin4life85 ·
Hi, I am going to be graduating from college this year with a degree in Computer Information Systems and I am looking into studying for either the MCSE or the CCNA. But I am wondering which certification would be the most beneficial or marketable to me as I will be looking for a job. If you have any suggestions or ideas, I would appreciate your input. Thanks.


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it may depend on your local IT market

by Neon Samurai In reply to MCSE or CCNA

Some years it seems everyone wants an MCSE, other years the CCNA is "this year's MCSE".

You may want to investigate what certs perspective employers prefer or recognize. My Comptia A+ doesn't get a sniff from HR departments, I'm hoping Comptia Security+ looks a little more flashy.

That seems to be the real benifit of a cert though; they are sometimes more resume "bling" than a demonstration of practical ability.

My opinion has been a little jaded by my own local IT job market though so take that with a grain of salt and see what perspective employers consider this month's MCSE resume bling.

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It depends...

by Alpha-Male In reply to MCSE or CCNA

They are different certifications for different tasks.

If you plan on supporting workstations and servers, the MCSE is better. If you plan on being more involved in LAN/WAN networking, then start with the CCNA.

One thing to note, the MCSE is seven tests, the CCNA just one. There are of course higher level Cisco certs - CCNP and CCIE for example.

I would say the MCSE has more "universal" application, but if you want to pursue networking or security, I'd definitely look into the CCNA. Perhaps a good path would be to start with an MCSA, then pick up the CCNA then complete the MCSE.

Just a thought. Good luck to you!

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why not get more?

by donald.gibson In reply to MCSE or CCNA

First I would become an MCP (microsoft certified professional) then move on to my A+ certificaiton so that will guarantee you an entry level job. I would work at the entry level job establishing experience until you hit the 3 year mark. During those three years work on your MCSA and if you feel confident go for your MCSE. ALSO, look into Cisco - having a CCNA would look very nice. Get fimlair with software that symantec offers so you can put that down on your job application.

If you follow these steps and are willing to relocate and you are pasionate about IT then you will make easily 80K a year! Seriously. I'm only 21 and i'm making 50k and i have not graduated college yet :)

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by CG IT In reply to why not get more?

If you want to work with a company on their Windows platform network, then you get Windows certifications as well as learn programing.

if you want to work in network infrastructure, you get Cisco certifications and learn programing.

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why not get more?

by asgr86 In reply to why not get more?

Thats a very good idea, but i strongly suggest that you should do what you like, both MCSE and CCNA are two different verticals, and choosing one is very diffcult because both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, and even both of them fetch you a lot of money.....

it all depends on your interst, otherwise the job would just seem boring .....

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by rajesh.1283 In reply to MCSE or CCNA

hi i think u go for ccna if u want to make better carrier in networking support..its highly market demand today.also giving better benifit over mcse......


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by nidsltd In reply to MCSE or CCNA

Hi Ross.
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I doubt he's interested in getting his certification in India

by ManiacMan In reply to CCNA MCSE

So I don't see how you can help him, other than advertising your nonsense here.

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Advertisement or advice ???

by asgr86 In reply to CCNA MCSE

I think he has asked for advice and not for you to advertise your institute .......

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by donald.gibson In reply to CCNA MCSE

Who the **** is Ross? lol

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