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    MCSE: Training


    by mndthegap1 ·

    I have recently completed the mcse course at a technical school. I have recieved my mcse but unfortunately i do not feel comfortable with the amount of info i have learned, the hands on was lacking so basiclly its all books. The job im at now is offering a little training working with nt and networking…. What i need to know is what can i do on my own to refresh what i allready know and learn alot of nt troubleshooting…..and gain some experience i have 3pcs at home. Is the microsoft press technical training kits any good????
    please help!!!!!

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      MCSE: Training

      by calves ·

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      Get to know the sites that have info about NT. TechRepublic is a good start.
      I keep a site with tons of links for just about everything regarding NT.

      Good Luck!

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      MCSE: Training

      by jmar17 ·

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      Probably the best option for you since you have 3 PCs at home is to setup a small NT network. Setup an NT server on one, maybe a BDC on another or an NT workstation, and a Win 98 workstation on the third. This will give you a chance to mimic to a degree the more common types of environments out there. Then you can play around with what you learned in school.
      Another good option, as suggested in the first answer, is to go to sites that deal with NT. Microsoft’s Technet site ( is a good resource for troubleshooting problems. This is another good place. Another one that might be useful is Hope this helps!


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      MCSE: Training

      by avachon ·

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      Hi, since you have 3 computers I would do as #2 suggests and set up a home network. 3com sells office connect kits so one kit would give you 2 nics, 1hub, drivers and cabling. You then can pick up another nic fairly inexpensively. As for the training kits, they are very good and each kit walks you through labs (technet if great if you want much deeper information about something). Resource kits also proivide a lot of detail and utilities not available on the nt disks. Microsoft has a 3 book training kit that includes nt administration, technical training and 1 other book (enterprise maybe). Look at to see your options. This kit comes with a 120 day copy of nt server & workstation in case you don’t have those. Also, you’ll find deals at (browse to free stuff); look at study guides at; free courses at Get the training kit ISBN’s from mspress and then price them at; they will be much cheaper. Good luck.

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