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    MCT Technical Training Pay Rate


    by gluhas ·

    Any input to the rate of pay (hourly) that a new MCT would receive for contract technical training would be helpful.

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      Pay Rate

      by ltownsend ·

      In reply to MCT Technical Training Pay Rate

      I’m not an MCT, but I’ve been teaching Microsoft Software for years. When I work directly for a company I charge $95 an hour or $650 per day — I know other trainers charge anywhere from $50 – $180 an hour. The industry you’re training, city you’re in, and how much experience you have seems to have an big impact too.

      Trainers who sub-contract to other companies that land the training gigs get anywhere from $300 – $550 a day that I know of. (I won’t take less than $500, but that means I pass on some work.)

      Check out this link:

      good luck!

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