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This is my first time on the forum. I have just started with the MCTS course. I am busy with an assignment and it is causing me a few problems.
Maybe someone can help.
I have included the entire text of the assignment.
I appreciate your help.

Thanks ,


Assignment 2 Case 1

LOl has instructed you to develop a CRM application to make it more efficient to
manage and contact their current and future relations. Your first assignment is to
import emailaddresses.txt into the Address Book of the CRM application.
The emailaddresses.txt can be downloaded from the LOl Campus.
Minimal requirements
- Make one program, that includes an AddressBook, and an AddressBookController
The AddressBookController should
- retrieve files of a directory
Apply filter to retrieve only certain file-extensions.
- check existence of a selected file
- open a text file to import and get an Address Book instance including the
imported email addresses.
- each correct address item take the following format:
First name Last name Delimiter(" ["," <", "{" ," (" ) Email address End
Delimiter (" J ", ">", "}" ," )" )
For example: LOl Student[]
- should allow multiple address books (groups)
- should support isolated storage
Read and Write the imported AddressBook from and to an isolated storage.
- contain a type safe method to only allow AddressBook instances to the
- The AddressBook class should
- contain a collection of email addresses. Choose a collection class that internally
uses a ListDictionary when the number of address items is small, but
uses a Hashtable when the number of address items is large. The key should
contain the name of the person; the value should contain the email address.
- ReadingIWriter files must be done by StrearnXXX classes.
- Each email address must be validated against Regular expressions.
- Only valid address may be added to the collection.
- Duplicate addresses are not allowed.
This case does not specify a user interface in great detail. However some kind of user
interface is needed to access the AddressBookController and AddressBook classes.
For displaying the Address book, we want you to use the ListView class. You also
have to implement an ascending and descending sorting functionality when
clicking on each of the list view's column header. It's further up to you how to
design the user interface.

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