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    ME Edition automatically opening in Safe Mode


    by cancerbaby68 ·

    Need HELP!

    A friend has ME edition and last night she shut computer off and child came behind her 5 minutes later and computer was opening in Safe Mode. I tried System Restore and it ran with no problems, but when it restarted it still started in Safe Mode.

    What else can I try – she has not done any updates (maybe 4 or 5 mnths ago – thinks she ran and installed all reccommended) and does not have an Anti-Virus program installed on her computer. Has not run Scan Disk or Disk Defragment ever (computer is 2 years old).


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      by oz_media ·

      In reply to ME Edition automatically opening in Safe Mode

      If you did a FULL reformat and system restore, a virus won’t be the problem. (Have her install AVG free edition anyhow, EXCELLENT AV software at no cost)

      I am thinking it is probably a graphics issue. Does the computer have chipset (onboard) graphics or a separate PCI/AGP card? If so, you will need to install the PCI/AGP card and disable the chipset through the Device Manager.

      As for “child came behind her 5 minutes later and computer was opening in Safe Mode.” I tend to doubt that. USUALLY (99%) of the time, if a child does something to cause an error, they will say “all I did was push the power button and it started just like this!”

      I would look in the device manager to see if there are any conflicts or tell tale signs of incorrect drivers or even the wrong cards being installed, i.e NVIDEA Vanta card showing up as ATI Radeon or whatever.

      That’s all I can offer without further info, sorry. But don’t dismay…

      Chas will probably be here soon and will offer a fairly straight forward solution or way to diagnose the issue further I’m sure (He’s kinda like the hardware guru here).

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        I’ll try it

        by cancerbaby68 ·

        In reply to Hmmmm

        Thanks, I’ll try it and stay on the look out for Chas

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          You’ll find better responses

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to I’ll try it

          Sorry, I was really adamant about people posting questions here (Discussion forum) as opposed to the Technical Q&A section. I started answering your post before realizing it was in the wrong place.

          If you repost this as a Technical question, you’ll get the answers right away, regulars are trying to avoid providing answers here, as am I, but I messed up.

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          by cancerbaby68 ·

          In reply to You’ll find better responses

          I’m new to the boards here so please forgive me for putting it in the wrong place.
          I’ll repost to the right place, and thanks for responding, I would have been waiting for a response thinking, NO ONE KNOWS THE ANSWER?
          Where can I find the rules?

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