Me laptop

By plstone1 ·
I cannot connect laptop to internet I use verizon fios and verizon router

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What do you mean...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Me laptop

by I cannot connect laptop to internet?

Are there any error messages? What troubleshooting steps have you taken? Does a another computer work on the connection?

We need more information please :)

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old guy with old Me laptop

by plstone1 In reply to What do you mean...

Ihave a main computer with vista home basic
this works ok on internet.
Was given old laptop toshiba 315cdt with Me installed. I downgraded I.E 6 because I thought the service pk was no good can get internet hard wired on it with realtek pcmia adapter.but netgear adapter(usb)will not connect.wg111v3 version 1.5.0 softwareI am a real dumbell and have been trying for months

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by cmiller5400 In reply to old guy with old Me lapto ...

What do you mean it will not connect? When you installed the software it must have required you to pick a wireless network to connect to?

If you open the software do you see any wireless networks that you can attach to? Is your router even broadcasting it's SSID? It it encrypted?

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thanks for answering

by plstone1 In reply to Still...

yes it sees the ssid name and is wep encrypted prs the "connect button but it does not connect.I put the hex code in and'apply" but still no joy.have tred changing the network config the tcp/ip config etc.client for micrsoft works.all types of setup for home networks all settings for I.E.must be million combinations still no joy

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Okay then...

by cmiller5400 In reply to thanks for answering

It sounds like things are pretty fubar at this point.

So, the next step I'd take is to go into the wireless connection and in the TCP/IP settings make sure that it is set to DHCP on the address and the DNS servers (that way it pulls them from the wireless router.)

I'd also reset IE to defaults.

Also, make sure that in the wireless configuration for the ssid name, that you are suppose to put in the hex and not the passphrase.

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Me laptop

by plstone1 In reply to Okay then...

tried that but could not find out how to putI.E. into default still no joy

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Time to...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Me laptop

It's time to call a professional in your area. With out actually seeing what is going on, it is very hard to diagnose. Sorry.

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