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By akieling ·
I recently purchased a four year old Toshiba laptop running WindowsME on 6 gigs of hardrive space. I want to upgrade to XP, but the XP software is for a new computer, therefore it's not an upgrade version. I'm guessing the only way to install would be to reformat and start over.

However, I had an old '95 which I tried to reformat and use XP and when I got all done, the software wouldn't work and I was stuck with a useless computer I eventually threw out. I don't want that to happen.

Does anyone know what I should do?

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by LMon In reply to ME to XP

You should be able to do an upgrade with the computer running insert the cd when the cd starts you have a drop down that will let you upgrade or install a fresh copy.

Before you do anything explore the cd and go to tools I think and check to see if the laptop hardware is compatible with xp.

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by saihib In reply to ME to XP

XP will probably work on your laptop. The problem is that you'll have limited functionality because it's unlikely the laptop manufacturer would spend the time and money to develop XP compatible drivers for hardware that old.

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by wcp In reply to ME to XP

You are right.
Windows XP OEM, which is what you have, would not allow upgrading from previous Windows (98 and ME).

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by ozi Eagle In reply to ME to XP


Depending on what software is installed on the laptop, and whether you wish to keep it, and noting previous posts.

I think that the XP cd will ask whether you wish to install or upgrade - chose upgrade.
Note that the upgrade from winME to XP may not work (it doesn't on win98, the best you can hope for is to copy the files from one to the other).

As for hardware drivers, you probably will find that Win2k ones will work.

If the content of the laptop is not important, experiment, you can always re format and go back to an earlier OS.

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