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ME v 98

By rbmooney ·
What is the advantage of buying and installing Microsoft's ME ed when you are running Win98 OS? The Win98 works fine and has no problems that I've seen in two years? Why do people buy the ME edition?

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98 vs ME

by petemcc In reply to ME v 98

ME is pretty much 98 with some extra bells and whistles. It's targeted mainly to new PC purchases. It supposedly gives better support for home networking, multimedia and maybe better PnP functions.

I've heard of some difficulties upgrading over an existing OS but not as much on fresh installs.

If you're happy with the way 98se is working there's not really a whole lot of reasons to change to ME. If you're buying a new box, there's nothing wrong with getting ME.

As a side note I heard somewhere MS is going to stop supporting 9x in a couple of years, and XP is altogether another story.

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Keep the 98, for now

by eBob In reply to 98 vs ME

If you're Win98 is running and you're happy with it, then save yourself the money and possible heartache by avoiding ME.

Have a search through the TR archives and you'll find lots of discouraging thoughts especially around "upgrading".

With new purchases you might not have a lot of choice. But even with that you can't be sure of running clean and easy (I will resist the urge to whine, again, about my own WinME experience!).

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Win 98

by TheGodfather In reply to ME v 98

Windows 98 always has and will run circles around M.E.
The only reason people have M.E. is because they get it free with their machine. Or they are new to the digital world and think they are starting at the top. Basically always pick 98 over M.E, but look out for XP which is going to clean the floor with them all.

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Please Explain how Godfather

by radiic In reply to Win 98

I was curious as how you came to the conclusion that "w98 always has and will run circles around M.E." I wasn't aware of a complete redesign of the OS to make M.E. I thought that M.E. was just W98 with some new features. If you know more about, please do tell.

As for the original discussion: I agree no need to upgrade W98Se to ME and cause yourself headaches. The patches available at the windows update site make it pretty stable and secure. My laptop came with ME and I like some of the newfeatures of it, but not enough to go around and upgrade my entire network with it.

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I will tell you...

by SaraMiller In reply to ME v 98

The difference is in the mainframe with the universal code. Have you ever used IM? Check out my other reply that I added with the code listed! Any questions,

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Who is this retard from AOL?

by rzan In reply to I will tell you...

Who is this retard from AOL and why is she here pretending to know anything about computers or operating systems? GO BACK TO YOUR STUPID CHAT ROOMS and stay out of places like this. This site is for technical professionals, not for idiots who think that AOL is the internet and that everything is a mainframe. GET OUT!

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It's from AOL - so whaadya expect?

by eBob In reply to Who is this retard from A ...

Hey everybody, let's calm down. This "babygrl282" is from AOL, so we have to assume that it (he? she?) has some serious IT handicaps. So it drops completely irrelevant posts in these discussions, but this is out of stupidity and/or ignorance, but I am sure there is no malice.

I have seen posts in other threads this morning from "babs", with the same amazing non-sequitir theme.

Let's just all ignore it's posts.

Here's a thought to lighten things up: Ignorance can be cured, but stupidityis forever!

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Just a thought

by r.robillard In reply to ME v 98

I don't think that there is any advantage, but what it comes down to is what you like. ME I find is more of a entry level OS for people using a computer for the first time. If your just starting out ME will do we everything you want and help you out with all the wizards it has. Where as 98 seems to be the OS of choice for users that have a bit of computer experience.

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Not worth the upgrade

by D. Brock In reply to ME v 98

I haven't been overly impressed with either 98 or ME, but with XP coming out soon I would just wait for that, or just keep 98. There may be some compatibity issues with DOS based programs you have so be aware of this when you upgrade.

I have both98 and ME but don't find much difference except for some bells and whistles.

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I do have to say Now I like ME

by radiic In reply to ME v 98

Funny thing just happened, I installed bearshare on my laptop here at the office. Well it promptly screwed up and ruined all my network settings and was causing alot of errors. I went to a new system tool that is included in ME called system restore. I wouldnt have known about it, but i had read an article talking about it either here or on ZDnet. I had my doubts about it but tried it anyway.

I started the program it asked me what date i wanted to go back to and i chose yesterday and clicked next. The ole progress bar went by and then asked me to reboot (of course) and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM Everything is working just fine. I was so shocked that it actually worked, I thought of this discussion and had to come back and put in another post.

Damn I wish something like that was in W9x you know how many hours I would have saved over the past few years>


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