ME wont connect

By ind1ca2233 ·
i've been using this computer and running Windows ME for about a year. about a month ago, my landlord had a problem with the DSL and signed up for fiber optics. we're all hooked up now and the router words great, but my computer wont connect. i spend over an hour on the phone with tech support and they couldnt help me. as far as i know, all of my settings are correct. they said i might have a firewall or highjacking program that's preventing me from connecting. my neighbor has two XP pc's that both work fine. i dont have an antivirus program that i'm aware of but i DID have norton and kapersky lab files that i've found and deleted. i'm sure there's still more. i get the error page when i try to go onto IE or Firefox. it sez something about javascript:noNetDetect or DNS server problem. i cant figure out what's going on.

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open up a command prompt

by CG IT In reply to ME wont connect

type winipcfg/all and then press enter. post back with the results

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Check your lan settings

by Jesus_C In reply to ME wont connect

Test Automatically detect settings.Or try the proxy world 8080.

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i rule

by ind1ca2233 In reply to Check your lan settings

well i solved my problem by luckily running passed this option, and i cant even remember where it was but i'll copy it just so that if this happens to anyone else, they can know to check here.

"NOTE: Working in the Registry can be dangerous to your Windows installation. Use extreme caution to not change or delete anything except what these steps say to. Follow these steps at your own risk.

1. Right click My Network Places and choose Properties.
2. Highlight the top item in the lest of Network Components and click Remove. Repeat until the list is empty then click OK but do NOT reboot.
3Click Start then Run. Type regedit in the Open field and click OK.
4. Click the plus next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
5. Scroll down to "System" and click the plus next to it to expand it.
6. Click the plus next to CurrentControlSet then do the same for Services farther down under it.
7. Right click WinSock2 and choose Delete.

Now restart the computer. You may need the Windows CD and driver disk for the network card but Windows will redetect and reinstall the proper files, rebuilding the network Stack in the process."

after i did that, i clicked on IE and TA DAAAAA!!! i was back online! Although thank you VERY much for the timely responses, even though i'd already tried both of those options hopefully if anyone else runs into this problem this will have been helpful.

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