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Means to change screen resolution

By adubin ·
I am looking for primarily a program or script to be able to change the XP windows screen resolution from desk top Icons or from the task manager. I am aware of how with how do it from the D3esk top properities and setting. That takes to long for me. I am designing web pages and want to design them at 1600x1200 but view them real time at 800x600. All help is appreciated. ADubin

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Byte Gems Software

by adubin In reply to Check out this

I already checked this program out and it didn't do what I wanted it since you have to log out and back-in in order to change the screen resolution. Thanks for trying,

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Reply to Jesus_C Last Message

by adubin In reply to Have you tried this

This is the same program you provided me on your last posting.

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I found The program To Meet My Needs

by adubin In reply to Reply to Jesus_C Last Me ...

I found the software that does exactly what I needed. It is located at http://www.stintercorp.com/rc.php

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Thank you

by pfister In reply to I found The program To Me ...

I was searching for a similar program and your posting was very helpful to me!

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Thank You again

by aqxcb In reply to I found The program To Me ...

I also was searching for this, and you solved me a problem

Thank You.

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by 2323 In reply to I found The program To Me ...

i love you so much :inlove :inlove :nasti

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Sorry about that,my clipboard messing about

by Jesus_C In reply to Reply to Jesus_C Last Me ...

but other than that i dont know any software.But you can try making a short cut.
I created the shortcut by following these steps:

Left click the Start Button
Left click Control Panel
Right click Display
Select Create Shortcut
Click on Yes, when a dialog box comes up asking if you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop

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