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By _Papa_ ·
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The word "murder" seems to be presumptive

by _Papa_ In reply to Means...

in that we are to assume that murder is necessarily a bad thing. The legal system works into this assumption, and simply identifies it and provides for various punishments.

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Where does it say that in the Statute Books?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The word "murder&quo ...

It's perfectly OK for the State to Murder someone who it thinks that has broken it's laws.

Be that an Individual State for killing a Off Duty Police Officer or the Federation by Killing someone it thinks is a Terrorist and working against them.

Those are just the latest 2 Instances where this has been done and in the case of the Federation they had accepted Collateral Damage in Killing more than just the person who they wanted dead.

Then to make matters worse they performed this act on Foreign Soil and it can be argued that those who where responsible for that Action have committed a Crime on the Country where those people where killed.

So I would suppose that everyone involved in that decision is Guilty of Murder from the person who gave the order down to the people who carried it out and I would assume that the Country who Soil this was committed on has the right to File for Extradition of those involved and have them appear before their Court System to administer the Justice of that Country.

I would also Suppose that Packston has the same right for a Military Invasion and death on their soil as well. Do you really want to proceed down this route?


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This water-cooled thread no longer points anywhere...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The word "murder&quo ...

I was testing the power of sug g.

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Well what do you expect

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to This water-cooled thread ...

Way too many people insist on hitting the Take Offline Button and clogging the real important area of TR with crap that doesn't belong here. That could be why some people post nasty responses.


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This was taken offline from a post of mine in an already offlined thread

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well what do you expect

...but with the magic word, I made my post disappear!
So now this one is orphaned...

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