Measure PC power consumption

By Snuffy09 ·
I am not really looking for a software solution. I remember a similar post on this site where somebody suggested a "middle man" device called "watts up" and another one i cant remember the name. I am interested in more names & information on these types of devices.

Thanks for any Help :)

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Many Options

by TheChas In reply to Measure PC power consumpt ...

There are a large number of power meters that you can get to measure the power consumption of an entire building to a single circuit.

This device may be overkill for some applications. But, it has all the information you need.

With a simpler device like this one,

You need a line cord splitter so that you can place the clamp over a single lead.

I choose to link to Extech as they provide decent lower cost equipment. There are many other manufactures and similar devices.

You might start by talking to the electrician or maintenance staff for the building. They may have the equipment you need.

If you want a detailed review of power usage, you might want to log the data from several users over several days.


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How do they compare to

by Snuffy09 In reply to Many Options

Kill A Watt-Electricity Usage Monitor

I have been looking at this one, seems to do a lot for the price.

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Home Versus Commercial

by TheChas In reply to How do they compare to

I have seen devices like the Kill-A-Watt before.

For home use or for limited testing in the office, they will do the basic job.

If you want to go low cost, all you need is the Extech AC line splitter and an AC current transformer to connect to a standard DMM. Measure the voltage, check the current, calculate the wattage.

The advantage that more sophisticated devices give over the simple method is that they can monitor over a period of time and give you cumulative and average power figures.

The only real concern I have with the Kill-A-Watt is that it looks like it covers the second outlet of a duplex receptacle. It also might be a challenge to hook it up safely in a cube or similar office setting.


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