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I was wondering whether it is possible (and if it is, the way) to perform the following task in Microsoft Access: there are two tables; first one consists of three columns 1) ID 2) tweet text and 3) date. Second table is a single vector of words, like a lexicon. For every row of the first table, I want to measure occurrences of the words of the second table (lexicon) in the tweet text column (2). Following, I want to add a new column in the first table, in which I will keep a record of these occurrences. My ultimate purpose is to perform some sort of sentiment analysis.
In case this helps, this is what I have done so far:

FROM Tweet_data
WHERE Tweet_text LIKE "*" & Positive_sentiment & "*";

However, I most probably have to make some changes in the part following the LIKE

If you think there is a more practical way to perform such task (sentiment analysis) I am open to suggestions.

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