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Measurement for programmer promotion

By woodie_88 ·
Does your company offer any room for promotion to the next level? Is there any set of guidelines for an individual who is a programmer to follow in order to move from one level to the next? How can a programmer know that he/she is ready for the next level? My first thinking is certification. Is there any other?

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by jmgarvin In reply to Measurement for programme ...

Not only certification, but you need to gauge compentency, leadership ability, and that something je nes se qua.

Certifications only prove that they sat through an 8 hour training seminar (most of the time). You need to have a way to find out if the employee is capable and able. You need to find out if the employee can lead.

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What is the next level?

by stress junkie In reply to Measurement for programme ...

Do you mean advancing to more complex roles in creating software or do you mean management?

If you are talking about taking on more responsibility in creating software then it would seem that the person's track record and demonstrated knowledge of the subject would be a starting point for evaluating the merits of the change. If you are talking about moving into management then the person should demonstrate mastery of the skills required for that type of work.

Mind you, I think it is a mistake to consider changing from programming to management to be a valid career path. The two jobs require entirely different skills. A good programmer may not have the skills to be a good manager. Programming does not train anyone to be a good manager. Therefore management should not be considered "the next level" of a programmer's career.

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Guidelines for promotion...

by jgarcia102066 In reply to Measurement for programme ...

The developers that are hired by my company understand one thing when they are hired, we have a relatively flat organizational structure and there is limited movement to the "next level".

We have three levels, applications developer, senior applications developer and development team supervisor. There is only one team supervisor (me) and unless I leave the company, the developers will top out (organizationally) at senior developer. The levels themselves are based on years as a programmer, the programmers demonstrated ability and pay rate.

Our raises are based on company performance and programmer performance. If the programmer is performing at the defined senior developer level, then that developer is paid as and subsequently promoted to senior developer.

For examples sake I am providing a possible promotion path:

1. Programming Intern ($7-$10 per hour)
2. Entry Level Programmer ($25K-$30K per year)
3. Programmer ($30K-$40K per year)
3. Senior Programmer ($40K + per year)

As you can see, there is no ceiling on what a senior programmer can earn. The difference is in the demonstrated ability and assigned responsibilities. Higher level programmers are held accountable for their higher level responsibilities.

We have not found any issues with any of our developers because they know ahead of time that we take care of our performers, financially. The title is just associated with the job description to identify the developers area of responsiblity and expectations.

Hope this helps.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Measurement for programme ...

The difference between programmer and senior programmer is the hardest to quantify. To me two things define senior, one is the ability to mentor, the other is to learn from other peoples mistakes and apply that knowledge. I can say for definite certs have absolutely nothing to do with it though, otherwise I'd still be a junior

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