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    Measuring individual performance in IT


    by sjackson ·

    Our company has asked our IT dept to measure individual performance of everyone on the IT staff. It sounded easy but it’s actually more difficult than it sounds. Other than the usual measurements (due dates, attendance, etc.), what other specifics are being measured in other IT departments. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Depends on how well your>>>>

      by radiic ·

      In reply to Measuring individual performance in IT

      Keeping track of your cases.
      Are you running a help desk>?
      If so.
      Call comes in and then what. Gets assigned to who. Did they complete the task. Did they have to elevate the task to someone else. How many tasks to they have open>? to % closed.

      Thats a start I guess.

      My experience is that even in a help desk scenario. That users sometimes just call who they want.

      Good Luck

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        Employee tracking

        by dennis_merola ·

        In reply to Depends on how well your>>>>

        I worked for a nation-wide desktop support company and we tracked performance of our techs a number of ways….

        Average number of parts used.
        Average number of calls on first response.
        Average number of service calls closed with phone fix.

        One of the service managers actually tracked how many times they had to page a tech before he accepted a service call. (He was understaffed and his guys were totally burned out, they just ignored his pages!)

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