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Measuring ROI for Web services

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Tell us what you think about measuring ROI for Web services, featured in this week's Web services e-newsletter. What components do you typically employ to create ROI for your Web services? What types of investments must you make for your Web services projects?

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Open Source for maximum ROI

by ErikWheeler In reply to Measuring ROI for Web ser ...

In my experience, Open Source software is
one of the major factors in maximizing ROI--or
having a return at all.

Open Source has saved us and our clients
many thousands of dollars, giving us quicker
time to profitability.

We have been able to avoid all common
proprietary software that would have required
a significant cash outlay--database, web
server, email server, development tools, and

And we have found that support is not hard to
get, it just comes in a different form: peer
support groups in the form of mailing lists,
forums, and websites. Often the response
time to our questions is faster than with the
software giants.

We have more information on open source at
our site:


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by debasisr In reply to Measuring ROI for Web ser ...

This article is pretty abstract. We all know this by definition but in real life to make customer understand we need solid measure and example. It would helpful if something like that is available.

I would rate this as 2 out of 5.

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I Agree

by rajsri In reply to WEB SERVICES ROI

Yes I Agree, the author has taken the standard mechanism (using the terms and techniques) and mapped it (in few instances) to web services. It would have been usefull if he could have elobrated more on things like how much efficient the develpemnt process will become that will save $ which will directly impact the ROI.

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ROI on eLearning

by jnferree In reply to Measuring ROI for Web ser ...

looking for a recent case study w/ metrics on web based eLearning in Mfg. or transportation sectors?

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