Media Center Extender

By technogeek-1995 ·
I have an X-Box 360. I always try to use the media center extender. I always get an error that tells me to reinstall windows. I don't care to do that; Is there anything else that I can do?

XP MCE with Rollup update
AMD Athlon 64 X2
1gb RAM
80gb HDD
10/100 LAN

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Well maybe SFC will do enough to fix the problem

by OH Smeg In reply to Media Center Extender

Whatever that is. Log in as the Administrator and open the Run Box type in SFC and click the OK Button. Dig out your Install Media and allow the System File Checker run replacing any altered System Files. You will have to reapply any Service Packs and other Updates/Patches that have been released since your Install Media was made but it may be of use.


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by technogeek-1995 In reply to Well maybe SFC will do en ...

I have it now somewhat working. It was missing a "decoding file" for Media Center. I then had to install a "hotfix" (I guess that is an update). Then I installed the extender file and it got through the set up, but then it told me (on the X-Box) that it couldn't connect. I even had Media Center up. So, this is [now] where my problem lies. The X-Box 360 won't connect with it all hooked up properly. I have contacted Microsoft customer support, they haven't got back with me and it has been 2 days. Any help I will be very grateful of!!! Thanks in Advance!!!

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How are you connecting to the X Box here?

by OH Smeg In reply to 'Working'

If it is through a WiFi Connection make sure that the correct connection Method is selected and run the connection again or maybe you may need to run the Network Setup Wizard on the computer to enable whatever it is you are using to connect to the X Box.

Also try looking in Device Manager and make sure that all the Hardware has their drivers loaded. If there are any yellow marks beside any devices that needs to have the Driver Loaded again.

If you are using CAT5 Cable make sure that it has not been damaged and is correctly plugged in at both ends.


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Are these the steps that you are following

by Jacky Howe In reply to Media Center Extender

and you are using Wireless. Connect your Xbox 360 to your Media Center

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by technogeek-1995 In reply to Are these the steps that ...

Yes, those were the directions that I am following. I am using wireless B/G (on the PC) and wired on the X-Box 360. The 360 is wired into a router that is connected to the laptop wirelessly. And, how long does it take Microsoft to respond for tech support? Is it American people(me speaking (because it is the weekend it is taking a while; provide they are American)?

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While you are waiting check out this link

by Jacky Howe In reply to Yes

I did connect an Xbox 360 connected by cable through my Notebook
which was wireless and I think that I bridged it. Unfortunately I didn't take notes.

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Yes you most defiantly need to Bridge it here. <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to While you are waiting che ...
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by technogeek-1995 In reply to While you are waiting che ...

I've been abandoned by Microsoft...I think. It has been (Friday-Friday) almost a week. I will try the link you left...I did not see them on there. Thanks!!!
(any info on the long wait)

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An interesting article

by Jacky Howe In reply to Abandoned
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"Set Program Access and Defults"

by technogeek-1995 In reply to An interesting article

I think I had my problem because I had Windows Media "Music Player" disable (all though it worked) disabled. I found this out via a recollection and a friend who had the same problem.

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