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    Media disconnected


    by jp376 ·

    hi all, new ti his forum

    i have a notebook connected wirelessly to a linksys router via a usb adapter. currently i cant connect to internet.

    i did a ipconfig in command prompt. i found out that my media was disconnected. then i went to check the status of my usb adapter in device manager. i found out the device is working properly. i did a hard reset on the router. uninstall and reinstall the usb adapter. everything don seem to work. However it works fine with a wired connection.

    can anyone tell me how should proceed on ?

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      Why is it disconnected?

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Media disconnected

      Is the USB adapter being recongized in the network settings?

      Control Panel -> Network Settings -> Adapter X

      Also, are you administrator? You might need admin privs to make sure the driver loads for the device.

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      by antuck ·

      In reply to Media disconnected

      It sounds like you haven’t made the connection yet or configured the wireless connection.

      What OS are you using?

      One thing you will need to check is the wireless status. If this is XP then you should see your wireless adaptor in the system tray. Open that up and it will give you a list of wireless locations it detects. You will then need to configure and connect to the wireless router. I don’t belive that the very first time it automaticly makes the connection. You have to go in and click on connect. Check to make sure that the wireless connection is set to be automaticly connected. I belive it is in the advanced section. Once it is set up, it should automaticly connect each time.

      Sometimes you will need to use the software that comes with the wireless adapter. Make sure this is installed and then go into that software and configure that. This also happens with XP. Sometimes the XP wireless software can not make the connection.

      Another consideration is have you enabled any wireless security like WEP?

      I have found the USB wireless adapters to be a pain for some reason. I usually perfer a PC card for laptops or PCI card for desktops. I don’t know why it is with the USB ones. It maybe just me too.

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        That’s right

        by master3bs ·

        In reply to configured?

        You proabably just have to manually connect. Don’t make the mistake though of your LAN showing it is disconnected (Network cable unplugged). That’s ok, as you are not connected through it anymore.

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          by jp376 ·

          In reply to That’s right

          thanks alot
          had tried ur suggestion
          and the problem is fixed

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      media disconnected

      by tkmohan ·

      In reply to Media disconnected

      When you give the ipconfig command, it shows the status of your LAN (wired) status too. If you Lan port(wired) is not connected, it may show this. There is nothing wrong in your connection and you can work with your wireless adapter perfectly. Thanks, Krish

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