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Media Player won't play WMV files

By jkhaley ·
My Windows Media Player will play every type file but the one it was designed to play. When I click on a wmv file it lauches the program and immedately shut it down.

It plays all other files, wma files just not the video.

I have downloaded Codexes, updated my player to 10 and then to 11. My files are checked in option panel.

I have my latet video driver updated.

I have no idea where to go from here.

Can anyone help?

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Same Problem

by neil_nh In reply to Media Player won't play ...

I have the same problem. please email me if you do find a solution. Sorry I can't be of any help.

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Same Problem

by stevie.watson In reply to Media Player won't play ...

Im gonna keep on looking for a resolution, if anyone finds one first, please can you let me know. Thank you.

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Given Up Trying to Resolve Windows Media not playing its own files

by jkhaley In reply to Same Problem

By sheer accident I found that Nokia Media (that I installed to download info from my my phone) runs my wmv files, so I have associated all wmv files with that program. They work just fine.
If anyone finds a way to resolve the issue, I would be happy to know, just for the sake of knowing.

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Thanks for the Tip

by neil_nh In reply to Given Up Trying to Resolv ...

Thanks Kathy for the tip. Nokia Media Viewer does work. I can now see WMV files that are sent to me at least.

Again many thanks,


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CHECK, "run with different credentials"

by mustyceltic In reply to Given Up Trying to Resolv ...

I run WMP 11 . I fixed the error described "wrong association-use" , WITH right click on wmp ison in start menu then> properties, then> hit the advanced button, then >CHECK the "use with different credentials" box > select "apply" > then OK. It worked for me. (Windows XP -home edition),

mustyceltic (yep! , "go Celtics" !

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If your using a proxy server.....

by stevie.watson In reply to Media Player won't play ...

After investigating this further i have discovered several things about my company anyway.

The file my customer was trying to open was streaming media which is blocked through our proxy and also, when i viewed the source code it was linked to an IP Address which are also blocked through our proxy (Its a very sensitive proxy.) You could have a look at these. Hope this helps, probably more specific to my company but could be a similar issue for you.

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video mixing renderer

by david_mcdowell In reply to If your using a proxy ser ...

I had a very simlar problem, but I solved it by switching off the video mixing renderer in media player. Found by right clicking on the video display, options, advanced, remove the tick from "use video mixing renderer".
Hope this helps.

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Not the solution

by neil_nh In reply to video mixing renderer

Sorry David but this did not work in my case, thanks anyway.

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WMV nightmare!

by stinkymojo In reply to Not the solution

Forgive me for jumping on the back of this but it's driving me mad. I've just installed Windows Media Player 11 and now WMV files will play the audio but not the visual accompanying it. Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

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Try this

by mzizicd In reply to Media Player won't play ...

In Windows Media Player - Tools _ options - file types tab - check the file types you want to play - then have a look at other tabs and try various settings that look like they need setting - then go to here ...
and double click on the wmv7 test file and WAIT about 10 minutes or more - when the file plays you should be OK - if not - I dont know! Make sure your windows firewall has the Media Player ticked in the exceptions. That might get you working.

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