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In my home I run a small computer network consisting of 2 Vista pcs (1 Ultimate and 1 Home Premium), 1 XP SP2 pc and 2 Pinnacle (Roku) Soundbridge music players. All (mp3) music is stored on a hdd in the Ultimate pc and from there shared on the (wired) network. Works fine, both in Media Center on the Vista pcs, Media Player on the XP pc and on the 2 Soundbridges. Now, I would like to move the music files from the hdd in the Ultimate PC to a large network hdd. The purpose is to avoid to power on the pc with the music files each time I want to hear music. The network hdd would be always online/powered on in order to make the ?music source? always available in the entire network. A simple project: buy a network hdd, connect/configure it in the network, move the music files to it and share them. No problem for the pcs. The Soundbridges however don?t work in this configuration because they need a media server (like Media Connect), which means they only work through a pc. Can anybody help me in finding the best solution without having to replace the Soundbridges ? A network hdd with built-in media server compatible with Media Connect ? Thanks.

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Couple of questions

by roco.cordemans In reply to Netgear ReadyNAS

Thanks for the reply.

2 questions:

- Are you sure the ReadyNAS will support the Pinnacle Soundbridge ? In other words, provide the media server services Windows Media Connect provides and Soundbridge expects ? Can't find a reference to this in the specs on the NetGear site.

- The ReadyNAS is probably a good solution but pretty expensive. Any cheaper solutions ?


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