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By entawanabi ·
Four tablespoons of Cornstarch
One teaspoon of Ginger

Seperate thing: To three gallons of water add two heaping tablespoons of Sage and bring to a boil

The above Sage oil is added to the cornstarch and ginger and then Microwaved. You micro wave it in a large container and then it expands a lot, so to a three-fourthes of a gallon container you put one third of a cup. Microwave for two and a half minutes to three minutes.

Put the finished product in the Drive and format and configure.

This is a Shareware product: Personal; $1.85
Business, Distribution; $16.35 and 21cents Ea.

Send Money Orders and Checks to:

Guy R Hengst
1727 Green Street
Jeffersonville In. 47130 USA

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Medium

WOW a Biological hard drive, can you post specs on access times and how many gig of storage it would give, Also what type of interface is supported IDE SCSI etc.
To wipe the drive after use do you just stir it with a wooden spoon, put it in a blender or flush it down the toilet and make a new one, If you flush it how can you be certain that someone in the sewer wont be able to get the data off the disgarded media.

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by entawanabi In reply to

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No, It works is all that was important when we needed harddrive medium, okay?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Medium

Better watch this one Bob.

It claims to have teeth and is dangerous or at least it claims so.

If you want the rest of this rubbish it's in the bottom of the left hand column of headings and is called Memory Pots although from the description of making the thing given anyway it sounds very much like this person is constructing a partial Faraday Cadge and then pouring a liquid into it hoping that it will work. :)

Remember this comes from the same person who claims that Old HDD throw the data off the platters because of the rotation apparently according to this person the data slips off the edges of the platters and there fore must lay in the bottom of the drive.

I've yet to see anything like that happen to the 15K RPM SCSI's that I use but then again I've only been using that type of drive for 8 years since they came out so I suppose that they are not yet old enough to suffer from this problem.

But I haven't seen this happen to one of the 10 K RPM SCSI drives yet and they have been around for a very long time.

Col ]:)

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by entawanabi In reply to

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Again we see that you have not got my education as I do not have yours. And of course go down and change a HDD and get an amperage Spike of several thousand Amps and **** the screen into your face, or is it two-faces after our phone call 24 hours ago? If it weren't you you need to find who else has your name down there!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Medium

What are you on about?

Have you missed your medication again?

Phone call 24 hours ago I wasn't aware that you had rung AU that recently if at all.

You are in some serious need of help but unfortunately because I'm so far away I can not offer to help you out, maybe one of the TR Peers closer to you can take you for a ride in a nice new coat with selves that tie behind your back and put you in a safe place where you will get the necessary medication and help.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

You are however correct on one thing I certainly don't have your education "Thank God" as I wouldn't claim anything so stupid as somehow managing to somehow generate a several K Amp spike that is capable of blowing a monitor up in someones face just by changing a HDD.

Have you been watching Electric Dreams again? You know the movie where the Mac becomes self aware and tries to kill its owner and eventually kills itself.

At first I thought that some of the Peers here where treating you badly and I did attempt to help you but of course you failed to even answer the questions that I asked in an attempt to help you out of the supposed problem that you had. I notice that besides leaving my response unrated the question is still open, so I've drawn my own conclusion from that one.

Of course the offer of a one way trip to New Zealand where men are men and sheep are terrified still stands.

But if I was you I would be reaching for my medication right now so that I didn't look any more stupid that I currently do and try to recover some shred of dignity.
The way you have so far described this so called Memory Pot is laughable but I was willing to allow you the benefit of the doubt and put it all down to a poor translation into English now however I'm wondering.

OH by the way feel free to threaten away as much as you like but be warned I don't react well to threats and am more than likely to throw it all back in your face in a much bigger pile that what you dish out.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Medium

NO NO NO!!!!!

You've all missed the point.
You need to first cook the mix as a thin platter, then sell it on eBay as a Jesus pancake.

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by electricdragon In reply to Medium

You forgot the most important part...
Fill the new drive with all your irreplacable data, then eat it and remember everything forever!
Work's on the flatworm theory :)

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