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I am cutting and pasting highlighted segments of text from an Adobe pdf format document which is in double columns, to a new blank word document. When I paste the text into the document it aligns left (default) but the text only goes about one half to two thirds of the way across the page. I desire the word document to only have one large column. Without manually removing the "enter" key codes, how can I reformat that text (or prepare the blank word document) to have the text behave as if it were always one single full page column? (I am using Word 2003, Windows XP)

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Paste to NotePad first.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Meestor

Copy from the PDF and paste to NotePad first, to strip all formatting, then copy from NotePad to Word.

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by seanferd In reply to Paste to NotePad first... ...

Edit > Paste special > as unformatted text.

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Thanks, but, Neither Suggestion worked

by michael.michaelgray In reply to Similar

I was so happy to see both of your suggestions and tried them right away.

In both cases I revealed the codes once I had pasted and special pasted and they both still had the Paragraph codes at the end of each sentence. And because of that, in each case the sentences still stopped short of going to the end of the line.

Hopefully, someone else will know how to do this.

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Have you considered the possibility of ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thanks, but, Neither Sugg ...

Editing the body copy from within the PDF, before you C&P ?

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Or, turn on word wrap in NotePad and fix it there...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Have you considered the p ...

.... since editing a PDF requires having a program capable of doing the editing...

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No Go ThumbsUp2

by michael.michaelgray In reply to Or, turn on word wrap in ...

Still no progress here. And you are correct, I have no pdf editing/writing program. I tried at the Paste Button to open a control box. When it provided an option called "properties" which had 2 selections titled NoLineBreakBefore and NoLineBreakAfter that looked promising. HOwever, I cannot figure out what code to enter there. Whenever you enter a word it misspells the word on purpose but does nothing to re-format the text. I am certain someone somewhere knows how to do this. I just need to keep asking and be patient. But thanks for trying.

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Is there a Pro at TechRepublic Who knows how to do this?

by michael.michaelgray In reply to No Go ThumbsUp2

Is there someone here at TechRepublic who would know the answer to this question?

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Do a Find and Replace

by seanferd In reply to No Go ThumbsUp2

Click on "More" in the dialog box. Select items under Special (and Format, for tabs).

Replace with nothing.

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Re: find and replace (PM)

by seanferd In reply to No Go ThumbsUp2

Are you asking about the Find and Replace suggestion? I had to search for the discussion,
and looking at it, I am guessing this is what you are asking about. If the Microsoft link
in The Scummy One's post doesn't help
try this.

In the Word menu bar > Replace > Enter the characters you want to replace in the Find text box.
In the Replace tab, do not enter anything if you want the found characters to be removed.
Click on the "More" button to be able to Find/Replace "special" characters. Under the Format button, you could
select "tabs" to find tabs, which you could replace with nothing, effectively deleting them.
Under the Special button, you can select items like non-braking spaces or section breaks, or column breaks
to find and replace. You can even select for "White Space".

Again, in the Replace text box, do not enter anything if you simply want the found characters to be deleted.
Once you set this up, you can click Replace, which will replace the next found character. Replace All will
process the entire document. Find Next will simply find the next occurrence, and you can choose to delete it or
hit Find Next again to skip over.

Note that you can also Find and Replace a string of spaces. That way you could replace ten spaces with one, or nothing.

Hope this helps some. You still need to do multiple operations, but it will be a bit more automated.
You could also try something like Notepad++
but you'll have to learn your way around the menus, although the Edit and Text FX menus will have
the options you are looking for. (Free.)

When I've run into similar situations, I've sometimes found it convenient to strip out all formatting,
then insert paragraph breaks myself. This can be accomplished much more easily in a plain-text editor,
as a lot of formatting is automatically dropped when saving as plain text.

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remove formatting from text

by The Scummy One In reply to Meestor

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