meeting requests to internal Exchange users not showing buttons

By jkolbeson ·
When a user on our exchange server creates a meeting request that includes both internal and external parties the meeting request arrives to the internal parties (who are on the Exchange 2003 server, using Outlook 2003) w/o the accept, decline, etc buttons. Instead they get an email w/ the following format

The external parties also receive the same message, but they shouldn't receive the buttons unless they're on Exchange as well.

When an internal users sends a meeting request to just internal recipients it comes through as a normal meeting request (all the buttons are present).

It's like the server is converting them to iCal format (the clients, all being Outlook/Exchange configured have the 'iCal' box unticked and greyed out).

I've been able to find nothing regarding this in every MS newsgroup I've checked.

any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!


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Have you had any luck with this?

by craig.nunn In reply to meeting requests to inter ...


I have a similar issue...two of our users can sent invites, but no one else in the exchange environment gets a proper invite (ie: they get the format you described above).

They can receive invites no problem.

Environment is Exchange 2000/outlook 2003.

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I have the same issue

by mvespa In reply to meeting requests to inter ...

Did you find a resolution to this issue? My company is
experiencing the same thing.

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re meeting requests

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to meeting requests to inter ...

There may be two (or more) options configured wrong.

By default, when Outlook sends a meeting request to outside recipients, it is formatted in iCal format. There is an option to turn this format on as default.

This info applies to Outlook 2002, but may give you a clue on where to look at the iCal option:

Also, there is an option to clear the "request reply", which is what generates the buttons. If the person sending the meeting request has turned this off because of the outside recipients, nobody will get a button.

In addition, if the outside individuals don't have their check box set to "always send in RTF format" and/or they don't use Outlook to read their mail, the emails are formatted as plain text and WinMail.dat will be attached to the message which contains the path to the outlook.pst file along with their username (password is not transmitted). It's NOT a very good idea to be sending meeting requests to people who are not on your exchange server. These people should be sent a regular email.

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Contacted Microsoft

by mvespa In reply to re meeting requests

ThumbsUp2 - Thanks for the thoughts, but unfortunately, it did not solve my problem. I'm currently heading down 2 avenues:

- I'm currently in contact with someone at Microsoft Support so we'll if they can solve the issue.

- In addition, this issue starting happening after we installed Symantec's new Multi-Tier Endpoint protection server and client software. I'm going to contact Symantec as well.

I'll update when I have some new information.

** Heard back from outlook support. They asked me to create a new profile, and when that didn't work, repair the software. After this, I'm still left with the issue. I've contacted exchange support and will update this post when I hear back from them.

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still no luck on my end, hopefully your MS contact

by jkolbeson In reply to Contacted Microsoft

will have something.

I'm pretty confident this isn't a client problem (at least in my case) because it happens to all 300+ of our users and any new test user I set up. regardless of their version of Windows or Office (updated fully or no updates at all).

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Problem Found!

by mvespa In reply to still no luck on my end, ...

Ok, sorry it's taken a long time for this reply, but it's taken a lot of hours and troubleshooting with Microsoft to get to the bottom of this.

The issue is we use a 3rd party software utility to add a mail disclaimer to the end of everyone's e-mails. The actual product is Mail Disclaimer. This has the following binding associated to our SMTP connector: MailFender Post Categorisation Binding

When I disabled this binding, the issue went away. Actually, I have the binding enabled now, but the rules for how internal e-mails are handled for the product have been disabled.

I hope this information will help others in tracking down the cause of the issue in their organizations. Take a look at the bindings on the SMTP connectors.

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