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Members signup and authentication

By johno69 ·
I need to add a members only area to my site, primarily to limit access to PDF documents. There are lots of scripts out there, that work well enough, but they require inserting a script at the head of the document you wish to protect - obviously I can't do this for PDF doc's.

Does anyone know of a free/cheap set of scripts (preferably PHP/mySQL) that will allow members to sign-up and provide authentication and protection for PDF docs?

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how-to secure PDF's

by Brent_D In reply to Members signup and authen ...

well if you were in the windows enviroment you could just set file permissions and use windows authentication.

But since your probably not in the windows enviroment, I would limit the PDF file access to the system account(if linux has one). Then make a form authentication system and instead of linking directly to the PDF make a handler page that spits out the pdf. if you know anything about the headers of a request, you could use Content-Disposition to force the document to be send using a pdf request. But I would not recommend going this route unless you are very familiar with asp/php and headers.

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