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By apexman1 ·
I need to find an article about loose chips on memory sticks and yes it could be reseated with gentle pressure. A young one does not believe that it can happen...Does anyone have the article or want to testify?

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I can testify

by JamesRL In reply to Memories..

I remember back in the day (mid late 80s) some models of PC had cards to expand the memory capacity.

These cards had holders for individual memory chips. You had to push the chips on yourself.

Here is a picture:

Compaq had a better idea - they had a memory card where the memory modules were on a daughter board that pushed into a connector, and could be screwed in to ensure better contact.

I remember the toolkits for computer techs sold at radio shack at the time had a little chip pusher that would help you properly seat the memory.

The last use of them that I recall was video cards. There were some video cards that would allow you to add memory by putting individual chips on the board.

Is that what you meant?


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Remember the ABOVEBOARD?

by mjd420nova In reply to Memories..

In the old days of a system board that only had 256K on it and you needed another board to expand to 512K. AST made an option card with 384K to make up the 640K max the system could see, it also had and on board clock to.. Then Intel made the ABOVEBOARD, a 2MB expansion that was software accessable. They all used 16K chips and the board was wall to wall with chips, chip speeds had to be matched, and they constantly worked themselves loose and had to be reseated after a couple of power on cycles.

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