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By apache6_1961 ·
I currently run Windnows 200 Pro on my computer. I have not had any problems with this until now. I recently bought a new scanner, printer, copier to use, but when ever I try to install the soft ware for it, it says that I don't now have enough RAM. I have looked and tried everything, and I am puzzled. Any help?

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by dmiles In reply to Memory

Not enough info about operating system and amount of memory currently in system

128M of memory is the minimum to run W2K

Before trying to install the software,use the Task Manager to see what program are running in background,also check what services you have running

Close all programs that is loading at startup using the Task Manager,disable the anti-virus,then try loading the software for newer components,if this fails you can run maintenance on the drive to clean and defrag,also concider buying more ram if needed

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by TheChas In reply to Memory

How much RAM do you have installed?

How much RAM does the new device require?

If your system uses shared RAM for the video adapter, you need to subtract at least 8MB from the amount of installed RAM.

Right click on the My Computer icon, and see how much RAM you have available to Windows.
If this is less than the minimum, you need to add more RAM to your PC.

My rule of thumb, is to ALWAYS double the minimum requirements.
For scanning in images of any size or detail, you will want 512MB or more RAM.


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by Noufal In reply to Memory

pls upgrade the memmory in your computer to 256 need 256 MB minimum for your congiguration

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