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By mattib101 ·
Hello Everyone.

I am studying for my network+ and a+.

How do you guys and gals remember all the technical facts listed in there various A+ Books like command line switches, processor info, power supply details etc etc?

What techniques do you use? Do you write them down over and over, do you use flashcards, make up a story, find and use quizzes and games if there are such things for the a+ or n+?

I would like to improve my learning and ability to remember technical facts that?s why I ask.

What works for you?

Any hints tips or website links would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you in Advance!


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Brain like a sponge.... too bad someone squeezed it.

by fungus-among-us In reply to Memory

The way I tend to study, and remember facts... is not only to read and re-read, but if I write down (take notes), what I've read... it seems to make me remember it better. Somethings will come easier to you if you understand the basic principles. Rather than just trying to absorb information, you can recall it better, or come up with the answer easier becuase you know how it functions. I used to shop for computer memory from a site called memory man. While looking up the site, I found a person who deals with memory (human, not computer). He is also known as the memory man. If all you're interested in is absorbing information, he may be able to help.
Good Luck with your certifications!!!

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