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By brucester_23 ·
Can I take 8mx64, sdram memory from toshiba and put it in the computer with IBM 8mx64 sdram memory?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to memory

Depends on the speed of the RAM SD RAM came in to speeds 100 MHZ or 150 MHZ and occasionally you would see some 133 MHZ.

Now if the CPU uses 133 MHZ Front Side Bus Speed you can use either 133 or 150 MHZ RAM if the CPU has 100 MHZ FSB it can take 100, 133 or 150 MHZ RAM but now comes the problem you can not mix different speed RAM and expect it to work properly. In the best case you'll get occasional hang ups and in the worst case it will just not run at all so you can expect anything between the 2 extremes generally you'll get the occasional Memory Error that will cause the computer to crash randomly.

So you see it isn't really important the RAM Configuration but the actual speed of the RAM which is of greater importance although with some of the older Low Density SD RAM there can be issues there as well with older M'Boards which are incapable of reading the High Density RAM and generally speaking will only pickup 50% of the installed RAM that is of the High Density Type.


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