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By alex.gonter ·
i have a amk k6-2 processor 350mgh. How many dimms doesit have? How much memory can it support and what type??

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by TheChas In reply to memory

There are several different types of motherboards that support the K6-2 CPUs.

Most likely, your motherboard falls into 1 of 2 different versions:

The "typical" AT form factor super socket 7 motherboards have sockets for 2 types of RAM modules.
You could either install 2 or 4 72 pin SIMM modules.
Or 2 DIMM modules.
But NOT both.
The common limit was 256MB total RAM.

Most ATX form factor super socket 7 boards have 3 DIMM sockets.
They usually have a limit of either 128MB or 256MB per DIMM.

What type of DIMM do you need?
Either PC 100 or PC 133 single or double density SDRAM.
Your BIOS most likely does NOT support the newest quad density SDRAM DIMMs.

To verify what you need, you need to look at the manual for this specific motherboard.

You can use the BIOS string that is near the bottom of the screen while the RAM is testing to identify who made the motherboard.

Then, use the links at either
or to locate the manufacture.


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