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memory adjustment/re-allocation

By zeealen247 ·
How do I adjust a memory quota for process using winxp OS? Like reduce the amount of space a process occupies in memory/re-allocate a memory allocation for a given process.

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by glyall In reply to memory adjustment/re-allo ...

you can get a free memory program.

Memory in a XP box should be a min. of 512MB more is better. Set the virtual memory from 2 to 3 times the amount of memory you have in the PC/Laptop.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to memory adjustment/re-allo ...


I don't think you can adjust how much memory a process uses or how much is allocated to that process.

However, as suggested above, you can increase the size of the pagefile, which while not as fast as your physical RAM, will still allow programs to save information to memory.

Are you running out of memory? Again, ideally you need at least 512MB. If you are running a game and you are getting slowdowns you may need to increase your RAM and also invest in a more powerful graphics card. What exactly is the memory problem you are encountering...?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to memory adjustment/re-allo ...

You cannot, this is done dynamically by the OS or the process it self. No intervention is required.

Windows XP will try and use as much memory as it needs to, loading programs, libraries and devices and leave them in memory.

In low RAM systems this can lead to excessive use of Virtual RAM and slow response and possible memory fragmentation.

Clearing out memory of unused staff can allivate the problem but best solution is buy more RAM!

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