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Memory battery error Raid controller

By eyera3 ·
Dell Poweredge 2800 server 2003.
Client server will not boot. Get raid controller memory battery failure notice. Goes to splash screen, reboots.
How do you get system to boot?
It is a Doctors office, and they have no idea which patients are coming in today.

How do I change the battery? and will my RAID configurations be lost? I just have it set to mirror two drives.
Need help ASAP

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The raid battery just plugs in

by robo_dev In reply to Memory battery error Raid ...

The battery is to save cached data in case power is lost in mid-write.

I am 99.9% sure the raid configuration is stored in NVRAM or CMOS,and does not depend on that battery.

I could be totally wrong but, a dead raid battery should not stop the system from booting; I would suspect that the raid controller is bad, or there's a software issue with windows.

For starters, I would power it down and re-seat everything, especially the riser-card.

I would go into BIOS setup and make sure everything is set properly, and perhaps reset to factory defaults, in case there's just an odd bios error.

Since the system gets to the splash screen have you tried safe mode?

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by seanferd In reply to Memory battery error Raid ...

Here is the support site and documnetation page for your server:

If you need to do anything with the server, you can find help there.

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