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Memory beeping error

By htrsdakota ·
I had a computer that kept restarting like a loop in windows 2000 professional after the white windows page. I cleaned the inside of the computer (It was very very dirty). Now when I start it up I get 1 lond and 3 short beeps which indicates a memory error. I reseated the dimm and sill got the error. I replaced it whith a known good dimm and still got the beep. I put the old dimm into a working computer and it booted fine. Do you thing the problem is the slots on the motherboard?

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Memory beeping error

First thing to do is unplug all removable cards! (RAM, video card, and all other cards) Clean all slots, and plug in back all.
Maybe not the RAM is the problem. You must verify the video card, and all other plugged cards. Press firmly in there slots, and must boot your computer.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Memory beeping error

Check all the plastic supports for the connector for the board edge connector on the DIMM. Some-
thing may have lodged in there when cleaning.
The 1 long 3 short beeps means the first logical
block has a problem, it has nowhere to unload the BIOS. One long and four short means the same
thing but for the video BIOS.

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by Unidentified In reply to Memory beeping error

I believe it is a video card problem, try unseating and cleaning your video card, reseat and ur done

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by htrsdakota In reply to Memory beeping error

I removed the hard drive form that computer and placed it into another and it still keeps restarting after the white windows page. So I think my original problem was the hard drive. I am doing a virus check on it now, are their any other suggestions of what to do next, or is the hard drive shot??

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to Memory beeping error

Also reseat the CPU as well as the other cards.

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