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Memory compatibility

By Dave.Frank ·
I have a PC that currently uses RD-RAM and need to know if DDR-Ram will work in it?

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by valis In reply to Memory compatibility

most likely no, the ram needs of the computer are set by the type of motherboard you have, rd-ram and ddr ram are NOT compatable

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by TheChas In reply to Memory compatibility

RDRAM (RAMBus) is VERY different from DDR RAM.
RAMBus is a now obsolete stub in RAM development that was sponsored by Intel.
While RDRAM is technically faster than DDR RAM, benchmark tests show better performance with DDR RAM.

I do not recall any motherboards that had sockets for both DDR and RDRAM DIMMs.

If you compare both DIMMs closely, you will see that the pin (finger) and keying configurations are physically different.

So, if you were to somehow force a DDR DIMM into a RDRAM socket, you would damage both the DIMM and the socket.

For a P4 system, RDRAM needs to be installed in matched pairs. For a P3 system, it is 'best' to install RDRAM in matched pairs, or a single DIMM and a CRIMM module.

Your choice is to get more RDRAM, or a new motherboard that supports DDR RAM.


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by ddollinger In reply to Memory compatibility

No, they are not compatible. RDRAM never took off even with considerable backing of Intel to make it a standard due to the high cost of RDRAM

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by wlbowers In reply to Memory compatibility

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