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By digitalshy ·
My computer has 64MB RAM. During booting process it displayed 8MB. How can I correct the memory count?

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by TheChas In reply to Memory Count

At what point during the boot process does the system report 8 MB of RAM?

The first boot splash screen is for the video card and might display the amount of video RAM.

The BIOS memory test should count up the amount of RAM installed.

To aid you further, we need more details on your system.

The last system I recall that had jumpers for setting the memory field was a 486 with both 30 and 72 pin SIMMs.

One thing to try from the hardware side is to reseat your memory.
With power off to your system, ground yourself to the PC case and carefully remove and reseat the memory modules.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Memory Count

One thing Chas has missed was that some of the Old Pentium M'Boards had both 72 Pin Ram Slots and SDRAM Slots.

If you have one of these you can not mix up the RAM you have to use either all the 72 pin sockets or the SDRAM sockets. There are also sometimes jumpers on the SDRAM sockets to select both frequency and voltage of the SDRAM. Without looking it up I think you had the option of either 5 V DC or 3.3 V DC to chose from.

If you could list the Make and model of the M'Board it would be easier to help you out but if you do not know this on the POST screen there is a number at the bottom of the screen which is a BIOS number if you could post that as well as the Maker of the BIOS the M'Board can be identified. The BIOS maker will be either Award, AMI or maybe Phoenix the first two are the most likely and once you know the make of the M'Board you will be able to find out just how much RAM can be stacked onto it.

Incidentally if you have new SDRAM and there is the Voltage setting option and it is set to 5 V DC it will have destroyed any modern SDRAM as it all runs at 3.3 V DC. But you can stack as much RAM on the Board as you like but the M'Board will only be able to Map its maximum amount that is written in the BIOS for example a 256 MEG stick will only be recognized as a 128 MEG stick if that is the maximum that is mappable per RAM slot. Of course if you have 72 pin RAM installed the SDRAM slots will be inactive.


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by cp7212 In reply to Memory Count

Awhile ago, there was a setting in the BIOS named fast boot. If you disabled this feature, it would show you the memory count for your RAM. It would count up in the upper left hand screen. That is one way you can be sure you're viewing your RAM count.

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by cp7212 In reply to

I didn't put a real answer in because you may not need to do anything. Your memory may be there, you just need to check it out first.

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by OTL In reply to Memory Count

After boot up right click on My Computer goto properties, first screen (General) tells you how much ram is installed !

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