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memory dump fixes and prevention

By grice ·
ON A e-mail server running nt4.0 I have been experiencing memory dumps.(3 times the last week). There are about 400 users. what can I do to prevent the memory dumps rom occuring in the future?

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memory dump fixes and prevention

by McKayTech In reply to memory dump fixes and pre ...

You need to figure out what is causing them and fix the problem at the source. There are two general approaches to this troubleshooting process.

The first is just to ask the question "What changed just before the problem started?". Typically, this will be a hardware or software upgrade and the solution will be to either obtain an updated driver (in the case of hardware) or rollback the upgrade (in the case of software). However, just for completeness, I should mention that sometimes theseevents are the early warning signs of impending hardware failure so it might be that nothing has been changed with the hardware or software.

For a little more precision, you can use the dumpexam.exe utility supplied with NT4. This will analyze the memory dump file and identify (usually) the exact software module, program or process that caused the memory dump. Basically, it works by identifying the exact address at which the fault occurred and you can then determine which program owned that address at the time the fault occurred. It will also give you the STOP codes and you can use those to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for possible causes and solutions.

Beyond that, it would be important to know the Service Pack level on your NT4 as well as the program and SP level of your mail software. Currently, the most stable combination in my experience is Exchange v5.5 SP3 on NT4 SP5 (provided no other software is running on that server).


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