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Memory errors with newly installed memory

By procomsol ·
I have a Gateway 702GE desktop with WinXP Home, fully updated. The original memory is two NANYA NT512D64S8HC0G-5T memory modules. I recently installed two PNY MD1024SD1-400-V2 modules. With the two original modules installed, I get no memory errors. With the two new memory modules installed I get no memory errors. But with all four modules installed I get several memory errors with MEMtest86. Any idea why?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Memory errors with newly ...

With different Memory Modules even from the same maker and the same model there are slight differences in Timing. Add in to that mix different Manufacturing Batches of the same model and you have a nightmare.

If however you go to different Brand Modules the likelihood that it will actually work falls to the Unbelievable.

Even with the same Brand & Model Modules you should get Matched Sets which are more expensive but Guaranteed to work. Of course the problem there besides the extra cost is if one Memory Module Fails you have to return them all so you take your system out of action unless you have extra RAM Modules.

While you can use different Brands/Models of RAM in the first 2 RAM Slots the likely hood that the system will even start when you populate all 4 Slots in a Modern Computer is very unlikely. That is to do with the way that the new Chip Sets Map the Memory.


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some thoughts

by databaseben In reply to Memory errors with newly ...

if the old ones are 512 each but the new ones are 1024, then keep the new installed and toss the old ones in a pencil cup.

(i'm basing their sizes on their model numbers you provided.)

most of the time, its best to have all ram modules absolutely identical.

incidentally, i had a motherboard that absolutely needed a 512 module in the first bank before it could use any ram in the other modules, even when they were larger. so, double check your motherboard or computer manual for acceptable memory configurations.

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Gateway says the 702GE only supports a maximum

by Charles Bundy In reply to Memory errors with newly ...

of 2gig of RAM. I'm willing to bet the memory controller is flumoxed by the 1024 versus the 512 chips, as it sounds like you have four DIMM slots which would mean 4x512 = 2048. Try four 512 modules and all should test OK.

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Dual Channel Mobo

by procomsol In reply to Memory errors with newly ...

Is it necessary (or advisable) to have matching modules only within the same channel or across both channels?

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With any modern M'Board with 4 Sockets for RAM

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Memory errors with newly ...

It's not only advisable to have all 4 RAM Modules the same but with most you need to use the right speed to have all 4 Sockets Populated.

For instance many M'Boards will work with slower RAM if you only have 2 Sockets Populated but simply never do anything if you populate all 4 with the same Modules.

With those M'Boards you need to move to Faster RAM in all 4 Sockets.

However as said above if the Upper Limit is 2 GIG of RAM which is supposed to be supported by this M'Board that is all you can use reliably. If you do not have the original M'Board in this unit then maybe you can use more RAM but you would have to look up that particular M'Board.

Or you could use the Kingston Memory Finder here


As I still can not find your Desktop Specifications on Gateway I have not looked at the Maximum Amount of RAM that can be used by that M'Board but if you just plonked the RAM in and didn't go into the BIOS and check it was correctly Showing and then save the changes as you exited the BIOS then you will get Errors as the System is attempting to Map the Old RAM Size into the new RAM Configuration.


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