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    Memory Errors


    by super_it_mom ·

    What is the quickest way to resolve memory errors on my SBS 2000 (512mb RAM), ie, page faults/sec, cache faults/sec, page reads/sec, pages input/sec, pages/sec? Add more RAM? Already moved the page file. W2K & XP Pro clients. Started happening all of a sudden. Thanks!

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      What errors are showing up in the event logs?

      The counters that generally, reveal memory errors are:

      Memory: Pages / sec

      Memory: Page Faults / Sec

      Page File: % Usage

      Memory: Pool Nonpaged Bytes

      Memory Cache for the following 4 counters:
      Memory: System Cache Resident Bytes
      Memory: System Driver Resident Bytes
      Memory: System Code Resident Bytes
      Memory: Pool Paged Resident Bytes

      Cache: Data Map Hits %

      Committed Bytes

      As a general rule of thumb, to resolve memory issues is to add more RAM. As cheap as memory is these days, I’d recommend moving up to at least 1 gig.

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      by drsysadmin ·

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      Hmmm… adding more ram is NOT the answer for memory errors. The issues you describe however are not memory “errors”, but normal memory functions when there is not enought… so adding more memory should resolve your issue.

      IF you have true memory errors – then the thing to do is determine if you have a bad stick in the box. If so, replace it.

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        by super_it_mom ·

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        Although my RAM was not bad, it turned out to be a bad scsi controller. Go figure. Having to shut the server down to pull out and replace the original sticks of RAM, caused the Event Log to record the bad controller. Thanks!

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      by super_it_mom ·

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