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By bob ·
I am putting together a system with the Intel P4, 800 mhz FSB Motherboard. It is the 875PBZ.
I would like to use the fastest and best components available.
I had intentions of using DDR PC3200 400 mhz memory, but some questions arose during its consideration.
The board is compliant to 4 gigs of RAM.
I have only been able to find PC3200 400 mhz RAM in 512 meg chips. There are 4 DDR slots on this board. That would only give me 2 gigs. Are there 1 gig chips available? Where?
Also, I was reading a reveiw of the same board with the same P4 3.2 Ghz processor that was using PC3500 500 Mhz memory. Was this a misprint? Or can I actually use the PC3500? The board specs say 3200. I would certainly appreciate any help toward bringing me out of my memory confusion.

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by x1Deimos In reply to Memory Info Request



There are a few links I found for you showing 1gig ram sticks...

Search alittle more and you will find DDR PC3200 1 Gig Sticks..

Look up Corsair XMS Proseries 1gig.

500Mhz means you are doing some overclocking usually.. You should just stick with the 400Mhz if you are not overclocking, long story but its all about having a 800Mhz bus and 400Mhz memory running in sync better.

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by bob In reply to Memory Info Request

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