Memory Issue

By dmiles ·
Motherboard DP45SG W/Corsair XMS3,DDR3,1333,attempt to upgrade memory and ran into issue,I ordered the same memory that is in the system and running now,upon receeit of the new memory after installing into slots I got three long beeps and no video,swapped out the memory and tried one stick at time,still got beep error,flashed the bios in recovery and nothing happens other than beeps,puzzling why old modules will work on board and new modules will not,no matter what slots I put them in.Considered the MB may have memory controller problems,but I am still able to use the old memory with same specs

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New modules

by santeewelding In reply to Memory Issue

They may be new, but defective and dead, specially since the old modules do work.

Are you able to test the new in another situation, like Karnak holding them to his forehead and sensing their spirit?

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Sensing their spirit,

by NexS In reply to New modules

That, or in another machine to confirm their flucked-dom.

Then the next step is to put your angry hat on and abuse your reseller.

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I have visions

by santeewelding In reply to Sensing their spirit,

Of dmiles, in spite of all his 2652 high-tech thumbs, sequestered in a cabin somewhere, having licked an envelope, and "sent away" for his memory, arriving finally six months out of Hong Kong, only to disappoint.

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Hong Kong

by NexS In reply to I have visions

Quantity, not quality.

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Well as always start with the easy things first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Memory Issue

As the system works with the Old RAM I would start off with considering that the New RAM is Different to the old even though it may still be XMS3 it may be High Density and the old RAM is Low Density.

That is the first thing to consider with the P45 Chip Sets.

If you look at the Intel Memory Specifications you must use Double Sided RAM Modules which are Low Density. If the new Modules are Single Sided and because of the Heat Sink on the RAM this may not be easy to tell they will not work with this M'Board.



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by dmiles In reply to Well as always start with ...

The modules are the same ,the only difference that I can tell is the version Old v.6.11 - New v 8.1,that is the only difference,being that the first set was sent RMA.Thinking mem controller may be the culprit

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Your description really sounds like

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Memory

Incompatible Memory.

It sounds as if there was more of a change than just a simple revision along the way.

What does the Intel Web Site say on their Compatible Memory List?


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Max size?

by TobiF In reply to Memory Issue

You say it's the same spec.
Are you using the same size of RAM modules?

As an example, I know several laptops with SODIMM DDR2, that would not take bigger modules, than 1 GB each, although it's now easier to find 2GB modules.

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by dmiles In reply to Max size?

Memory modules are the same capacity,used in dual chanel mode

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New memory...

by TobiF In reply to Memory Issue

Today I went shopping 2 SODIMM modules for a friend.
Shop 1-10 didn't have the right ones.

Shop 11 had, but the salesman was shuffling around the memory modules with his bare fingers, most of the time holding the DIMMs on the contact strip.
I know, RAM has come down in price, but paying a few bucks for RAM that has been killed by the salesman is still a few bucks too much (Ok, we have dirhams here, but the general idea is the same...)

In shop 12 they had the right DIMMs, in sealed individual boxes from the manufacturer. (and at the same price as in shop 11.)

I really hope you didn't buy your new memory in Dubai in shop no 11...

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